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President Says Economic Policy Needs More Time During Town Hall Meeting

President Says Economic Policy Needs More Time During Town Hall Meeting
Kansas Farm Bureau president disappointed in questions asked and answers provided.

President Obama's insistence Monday during a town hall forum broadcast live on CNBC that his economic proposals are not anti-business or anti-Wall Street and that his policies need more time to bear fruit didn't go over well with Kansas Farm Bureau President Steve Baccus.

At CNBC's request Baccus taped the following question to Obama that didn't make the hour-long broadcast.

"How do you explain the dichotomy between what you express as a passion for rural economic development and saving the dwindling rural areas that we all have in America, as opposed to the burdensome regulations that we see coming out of your administration from the EPA, from USDA that are making it more difficult to do business, more expensive to do business and make it more difficult to create or grow small businesses?"

Baccus watched the forum and later said he was disappointed both with the questions that were asked and Obama's answers to them.

"If I hadn't known better I'd say this was a campaign stop," Baccas said. "The questions that he got were basically low ball questions, so I was very disappointed frankly. The President took an enormous amount of time in answering the questions, way more time than was necessary to get his point across. Had he shortened his answers and quit worrying about campaigning he could have gotten to more questions from the American public."

According to Baccus farmers and other rural Americans are fed up with the political finger-pointing in Washington. He says that the current administration and the current Congress were elected by the American people to go to Washington to fix the economy and they haven't done it.

"They haven't even attempted to do that," Baccus said. "Instead what they've done is spend trillions of taxpayer dollars; they develop and ram a health care system down our throat that we didn't want. We told them repeatedly we didn't want it and in the process of telling them we didn't want it, Nancy Pelosi calls us un-American because we didn't want it. These people have no clue what Americans want, and what we need and what we're after."

CNBC didn't promise Baccus that Obama would hear his question, but the Kansas Farm Bureau leader says he'd appreciate an answer to it from the President.

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