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Get Into Precision Planting Technology at a Moderate Cost

Get Into Precision Planting Technology at a Moderate Cost
Here's an option that lets you move into monitoring planter function at your pace.

The Dickey-john entry level controller lets you increase your control over the planter and know more than just whether a row is planting or not – yet you don't have to shell out huge bucks compared to some other options.

Dickey-john recently introduced a product that might fit your needs. Called the IntelliAG MVT control system, this introductory level controller can let you independently control two products or two sections of the planter. It's based on a two-channel system, and is designed as a starting point for someone wanting to begin using precision farming technology.

Enter precision ag: Dickey-john introduces an entry level product that tells you more than the standard planter monitor.

One selling point for this virtual terminal is that it is simple and easy to learn how to operate, spokespersons say. It's also flexible. You can use it as a planter monitor if you prefer. The 4.3 inch color display and simple key-control adds to the convenience.

If you want to use it as a planter monitor you can pick up seed multiples, and run a minimum/maximum scan on rows. You can also determine population by maximum and minimum row and scan rows, and denote seeding skips. With accessories you can also determine hopper level.

The monitor can display population in bar-graph form. It will indicate high and low limits for population.

To see exactly what it can do, visit Dickey-john's Website at If you prefer, you can call Dickey-john, Auburn, Ill., at 217-438-3371.

Here are comments from Farm Progress editors.

Tom J. Bechman, Indiana Prairie Farmer: If you aren't using anything but a simple 'working or not' planter monitor now, this could be a good way to get your feet wet and learn the value of monitoring other functions while planting.

Lon Tonneson, Dakota Farmer: This is a good introductory product. It might help you identify ways to improve planter performance without having to spend a lot of money.

Mindy Ward, Missouri Ruralist: Jumping into precision technology can be daunting and costly. With the high-tech products on the market, many seem like they require an IT degree to operate and understand. Dickey-john has a product that will help beginners learn to use precision ag. With a two-channel system, the IntelliAG-MVT control system allows farmers to control two sections of a planter. The controller also doubles as a planter monitor. For farmers who may not be tech savvy, this option allows them to explore technology without the high price tag.

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