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Pacific Port Impresses S.D. Soybean Growers

Pacific Port Impresses S.D. Soybean Growers
Group tours Port of Gray Harbor, AGP terminal and biodiesel plant as part of "See For Yourself" checkoff program.

"I see our money is well spent and I think we need to keep doing what we are doing, "said John McCranie, Houghton, S.D., farmer after visiting Port of Grays Harbor, Wash., where Dakota-grown soybeans are loaded on to cargo ships found for Asian markets.

He and 16 other South Dakota soybean growers recently participated on a "See For Yourself" mission sponsored by the South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council. The program helps demonstrate to South Dakota soybean farmers how their checkoff dollars are working and to illustrate the importance soybean exports. Over 60% of South Dakota's soybeans are exported overseas.

A group of South Dakota farmers tour the AGP terminal at the Port of Grays Harbor in Washington state.

The group toured the Port of Grays Harbor; an Ag Processing, Inc., export terminal; and Imperium Renewables.

The Port of Grays Harbor is the leading export site for American grown soybean meal.

AGP is a farmer-owned cooperative focused on the procurement, processing, marketing and transportation of grains and grain products.

"It was great to see the loading facility to see where our soybeans are loaded for customers and how they get to the Port," said David Iverson, soybean farmer from Astoria, S.D., and SDSRPC chairman. "The efficiency and quality control are amazing. This helps us and our bottom line as they look to become even more efficient."

Imperium Renewables was founded in 2004 to produce high quality biofuel made from a variety of grain crops, including soybeans and canola. The facility the South Dakota group toured is the largest BQ-9000 certified biodiesel refinery in the U.S., producing up to 100,000 gallons of biodiesel per day.

Source: SD Soybean

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