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Nufarm's Cheetah Herbicide Labeled for High-Value Crops

Nufarm's Cheetah Herbicide Labeled for High-Value Crops
Cheetah provides control of glyphosate-resistant broadleaf weeds, Nufarm says

Nufarm announces the introduction of Cheetah herbicide, a non-selective herbicide that provides control of glyphosate-resistant broadleaf weeds in high-value crops such as tree nuts, grapes, bushberries, pome and stone fruit, citrus, sweet corn and olives. Cheetah is also labeled for use as a desiccant on potato vines.

Cheetah herbicide is a Group 10 herbicide (glutamine synthetase chemicals which inhibit photosynthesis) with the active ingredient of glufosinate-ammonium. This means it can be used for control of glyphosate-resistant weeds such as marestail, fleabane, malva, clover and kochia.

Cheetah provides control of glyphosate-resistant broadleaf weeds in pome and stone fruit and other high-value crops, Nufarm says

"Cheetah has a unique mode of action with minimal weed resistance," explains Bob Bruss, technical services manager with Nufarm. "Because it has an alternative mode of action, it provides an efficient, cost-effective option for post-emergent control of ALS-, glyphosate- and triazine-resistant weeds."

Unlike systemic herbicides such as glyphosate, Cheetah does not translocate through the plant. This crop safety advantage is key in specialty crop areas – produce crops can be especially vulnerable to herbicide damage, and any visible damage can reduce the value of the crop significantly.

"Cheetah's crop safety advantage benefits both young and mature vineyards and orchards," explains Rob Schwehr, Nufarm marketing manager for the tree, nut, vine and vegetable crop segments. "Protecting high-value crops from any possibility of damage is key to protecting the grower's profitability. Using Cheetah allows crop producers to focus precious time and resources on profitability by providing better protection from weed competition and better crop safety."

Another key benefit of using Cheetah is the speed with which it controls weeds. "This product is named Cheetah for a reason," says Schwehr. "It acts quickly to control weeds before they can rob crops of precious resources such as nutrients and water. It acts in days, not weeks."

Cheetah is also registered as a potato vine desiccant, where it provides fast, complete vine desiccation to allow more timely harvest.

"Cheetah is an excellent alternative to diquat and some of the older chemistries used for vine desiccation," Bruss notes.

Visit Nufarm's website for more information about Cheetah herbicide and other herbicides from Nufarm to control troublesome weeds.

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