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November Offered 30 Days to Be Thankful

November Offered 30 Days to Be Thankful
Prairie Farmer's own Holly Spangler blogged her 'lists of five' last month

During the month of November it is commonplace to see posts on social media regarding thankfulness.  Some choose to do a post a day – 30 Days of Thankfulness; some choose to randomly make thankful post throughout the month, but for the last three years Prairie Farmer's own Holly Spangler has blogged a series of 30 posts, one each day of November on an ag-related topic.

This year's series was entitled "Five Things" – a daily list of five things on one single topic, ranging from genetically modified organisms to her children's humorous antics.

Be thankful! Holly Spangler found five things to be thankful for each day this season. Jennifer Campbell picked up on ones that meant the most to her.

I look forward to her topic of five for the day, some are truly informative, some are sweet and some are just downright honest.  Here are a few of my favorites from this year.

From Five Things Farmers Need to Know about Consumers:

2. Saying we produce the safest, most abundant food supply in the world doesn't resonate with consumers. When you say safe, they hear short-term safety (which they expect anyway) and when you say abundant, they hear too much food (which is making us obese).

From Five Things I Want My Kids to Know Before They Leave My House:

4. That they were created with a purpose, on purpose and for a purpose, by a God who knows every hair on their head.  And my prayer is that they might each discover that purpose.

From Five Things An Honest Farmwife Admits:

1. My greatest fear is doing something completely ridiculous and plugging the grain leg and every fall my prayer is this: please don't let me be the one to plug the grain leg.  Because even though I've written countless stories about grain systems, I don't really have a working knowledge of how it operates. Basics? Yes. Ability to still screw it up? Definitely.

(Editor's note: Holly Spangler is an editor for Prairie Farmer in Illinois. Jennifer Campbell is a Franklin, Ind., farmwife and blogger. She will be writing items for the Website each day.)

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