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Non-Fatal Farm Accidents Happen to All Ages

Non-Fatal Farm Accidents Happen to All Ages
Wide variety of ways to get hurt on farm and in rural areas.

Even there is no requirement for reporting non-fatal farm injuries, and in fact nowhere to report them to, Bill Field and his staff collect as much information as they can about non-fatal farm accidents that result in injuries require medical attention. That's a tough assignment because many of them don't even make the local newspaper.

Innocent or not? You wouldn't think you could get hurt working with this innocent-looking beef cow. Yet livestock are responsible for several non-fatal injuries each year.

Field knows that reporting the number of fatal farm accidents has shock value, especially when comparing 2012 tallies vs. 2011, but he also believes people are often surprised to learn how life-changing, expensive and devastating non-fatal farm accidents can be. He discusses the topic to make people aware that they need to keep their guard up at all timed. It's easier to suddenly find yourself in a dangerous situation and face a potential serious injury than you might think.

In the 2013 Farm fatality report issued recently, Field and his staff also released details of a few of the non-fatal farm accidents that they had chronicled. The point was to give an idea of the wide variety of situations that can result in serious injuries if people involved in these activities aren't taking the proper safety precautions.

Of 12 accidents summarized in the report, one startling fact was that there was a wide range of ages of people who were injured. Two were under 10 years old, most were males, and five were over 60 years old. One person was over 90 years old, and was injured, but not killed, in a tractor rollover accident.

The 6-year-old was a girl who lost a finger due to a horse bite – something as innocent as petting a horse can be dangerous if you don't know the nature of the horse, or realize that animals can change their disposition quickly.

Eight of the 12 accidents involved tractors in one way or another. Field says that is a trend that has held constant in fatal accidents over the past several decades.

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