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Nomination Time is Now for Kansas Farm Bureau Century Farm

Nomination Time is Now for Kansas Farm Bureau Century Farm
15th annual Kansas Farm Bureau Century Farm Awards will go to owner/operators of farms in the same family since 1914.

It is no secret that many of the family farms in Kansas have been in the same hands for two or more generations and many are celebrating the transfer of the land to the fourth or fifth generation of the family on the farm.

Kansas Farm Bureau annually recognizes the tradition and heritage that makes agriculture such an attractive way of life for so many Kansans by honoring farmers who have a century of ownership in the same family.

Like many other state chapters of the American Farm Bureau, the Kansas KFB's recognition of the Century Farm is an award displayed with pride on the farms that have been recognized for this 100-year milestone of providing food, fiber and fuel for the world.

Each Century Farm's history is full of hardship, reward, challenge, and success of the generations who farmed the land through the years.

A story 100 years in the making

The story of each of these 100-year farming operations is rich with its own details of hardship, reward, challenge and success through generation after generation of descendants of the pioneers who settled Kansas in the turbulent years before, during and after the Civil War.

This year, the  Kansas Farm Bureau "Century Farm" program will recognize family farms whose current owner/operator is related to the owner/operator of the farm in 1914 or before. Qualifying farmers will receive a farm sign designating "Century Farm" status and recognition from Kansas Farm Bureau.  

"As farmers and ranchers, we are proud of our legacy and heritage," said Steve Baccus, Kansas Farm Bureau president. "The Century Farm program will help others better appreciate the strong family ties and tradition that we hold so dear."

During the first fourteen years of the Century Farm Program, more than 2,200 family farms qualified for the Farm Bureau Century Farm designation.

The deadline for consideration is May 15, 2014. Complete details for qualification and an application can be obtained at county Farm Bureau offices across Kansas or on the KFB website.

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