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Nitrogen Stabilizer Gets 24c Registration in Indiana

Nitrogen Stabilizer Gets 24c Registration in Indiana
Dow AgroSciences announces Instinct has this label for 2011.

The potential for nitrogen losses is on everybody's mind when they have to apply their most expensive input for corn in this type of rainy, wet season. Losses can occur from denitrification and leaching.

Dow AgroSciences introduced instinct N stabilizer in 2009. Where as N-serve is the stabilizer for anhydrous ammonia, Instinct works with liquid 28% N, and can be impregnated on urea as well. The problem was there was no label for its use in the crop itself.

Seeing the type of season coming, Dow AgroSciences began applying for Section 24c permits in key states months ago. The registration is determined state by state, and is usually limited to situations where a product that does not yet have a full label for all uses could be especially helpful in unusual situations farmers are encountering.

Even Jim Camberato, Purdue University Extension soil fertility specialist, supported the 24c registration. Only the State chemist office can make the determination. However, Cmaberato adds that his support is primarily because it will save some N that would otherwise be lost to the environment. He's leaving it up to farmers to determine if it's economically wise to use the stabilizer in sidedress applications.

The registration is specifically called '24© special local needs' explains Amir Faghih, product specialist with Dow AgroSciences. He believes the registration will allow farmers to stabilize their N and preserve more of it for grain production. The label states that it can be used in postplant applications prior to the V-6 growth stage.

Faghih supports sidedressing anyway because it offers the opportunity to place more N directly in the corn's root zone at about the time when it's ready to take up the most N of its life cycle. By including Instinct, the nitrogen stabilizer for liquid N products, there's an even better chance of having enough N in the root zone to promote good growth and meet top yield potential, the product manager notes.

Other states have also granted 24c Special Local Needs Registration for Instinct for this season, he notes. They include several of Indiana's neighbors such as Ohio, Illinois and Michigan.

Dow AgroSciences is pursuing Section 3 registration for Instinct to be sued in sidedress applications after planting. If approved, Instinct would be available for this use nationwide by the spring of 2012.

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