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New Weed Control Guide Available

New Weed Control Guide Available
Purdue and Ohio State University combine to produce complete weed control guide.

The 2014 Ohio and Indiana Weed Control Guide is hot off the press. It's nearly 190 pages of information that will help you take on not only the new big three – waterhemp, marestail and Palmer amaranth – but the typical list of other characters, including giant ragweed, giant foxtail and morninglory.

Ohio State University weed control specialist Mark Loux and Purdue University weed control specialist Bill Johnson are the main architects of the guide. Doug Doohan and Anthony F. Dobbels from Ohio State and Travis Legleiter from Purdue also helped assemble it.

Help in time: The new 2014 University weed Guide will have suggestions for weed control.

This is no pocket guide. The large format, spiral bound guide offers everything you should need to know about herbicides. It includes rating charts on how various products due on various weeds, even for popcorn and sweet corn. It also talks about both chemical classes and brand names of every herbicide available.

If you hear something at the coffee shop or if your dealer tells you about a new product and you want to learn more, this is the guide you need to find the answers.

There's even a section on weed control in wheat, and another one on weed control in hay and pasture. Plus, the guide contains a glossary that lists every product by brand name, common name, manufacturer's name and formulation.

Some 21 tables summarize what you need to know, and should make it easy to find the information you need when you need it.

The guide was printed by Ohio State University. It is officially titled Bulletin 789, Pub # WS16. There is a cost for the book in written form to cover printing and assembling it.

You can order your own copy by calling 1-614-292-1607. There is also information on the Purdue weed Web page about the Weed Control Guide and how you access it.

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