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New tools from Krone North America

Company rolls out new balers, mowers and a tedder.

Krone North America is rolling out five new products for the 2015 hay and forage season. The rollout includes new mowers, balers and a new tedder. If you're looking for new products or need more information about any of the products you find here, just visit

Front-disk mower line adds roller conditioner model
The new Easycut F 360 CR Glide is a front-mount disk mower with a working width of 11-feet, 8-inches and features an intermeshing rubber roller conditioner. This will offer forage producers and custom harvesters greater productivity.

Krone says the new mower offers the latest tech from Krone for improved cutting and conditioning. And the design allows users to make changes to match changing field conditions. The conditioner is driven by both the top and bottom roller and provide full-width performance. The machine also features the Smartcut cutterbar designed to create quality forages even in a light crop.

The Easycut F 360 CR Glide also features Quickchange blades and Safecut hubs. The Glide portion of the name describes the pull type flotation system, which is centered on a robust headstock with large flotation springs and parallel linkage. This system allows the mower to glide over uneven and rough ground effortlessly.  The large flotation springs are easily adjusted to the ideal flotation setting.  For additional flotation, a telescopic top link is used.

 When paired with the EasyCut B 1000 CR rear mount mower conditioner (see previous slide), the working width is increased to a maximum of 33’2”.  The EasyCut F 360 CR Glide has a wide enough working width to allow for wide tractor tires, while still providing enough mower overlap to ensure all crop is cut on hills and turns.

Comprima V balers
The Comprima line of balers from Krone features a wide range of choices. The new V models - the Comprima V 150 and Comprima V 180 are the newest editions to the line. According to information from the company the gal of the V series is to produce a round baler with the similar functionality and production as the Big Pack large square balers. The balers are also to offer higher bale densities regardless of condition.

Both models feature a camless Easyflow pick-up which requires 58% fewer parts leading to less wear and lower maintenance. The camless design also offers the ability to run at a 30% higher operating speed for better throughput and efficiency.

 The Novogrip belt and slat elevator system uses a set of endless belts created from layers of fabric and rubber, resulting in denser bales.  The horizontal metal slats connect between the two belts to intermesh with all crops, ensuring the bale is constantly turning in all conditions.

Both models produce a 4-foot wide bale and use a variable chamber for heights of 39- to 60-inches for the Comprima V 150 and 39- to 72-inches for the Comprima V 180. All baler functions can be controlled with the CCI 200 color monitor that allows the operator to control all baler functions from the tractor cab. The Comprima line of balers is ISUBUS compatible.

New Comprima F 155 XC round baler
Hay and silage producers now have another choice within the Comprima round baler line. The new F 155 XC builds a 4-foot wide baler up to 60 inches high. The baler features the Easyflow wide pickup that eliminates the need for a cam track, offering 30% faster pickup for higher throughputs and increased efficiency.

The X-cut knife system in the baler has 17 knives that produce balers with material sized for total-mixed ration mixers. The knife drawer holds down hydraulically from the tractor cab to allow any blockages to pass through to the baling chamber. That reduces the need to leave the tractor cab to clear a blockage, Krone reports.

This baler model uses the Beta monitor allowing the operator to make a range of adjustments from the cab and maintain bale counts too. The fixed chamber baler has a semi-variable bale size. The operator changes bale size by adjusting a set of pins at the rear of the baler. As the bale increases in diameter, it forces the Novogrip belt off the guide rollers so the bale can continue to increase in size. Also, a spring-loaded tensioning bar lowers to ease the restraint on the elevator, allowing the bale to expand to the desired size.

The belt system is a combination of belts and slats. The horizontally mounted slats grip material and being rotating to create a bale core. The slats rotate bales without slipping, in all types of crop and condition, according to Krone. The Comprima F 155 XC can bale silage, dry hay and straw.

Triple mower line expands to include two new models
Triple mowers help you get through a forage crop fast and Krone is expanding its line to include two new models for this productive practice. The Easycut B 1000 CR and Easycut B 1000 CR Collect both have a range of convenience and uptime features. The mower-conditioner features a hydraulically adjustable working with of 30-feet, 6-inches to 33-feet, 2-inches, offering overlap when working on hills or turning.

The mower features Combifloat to optimize flotation by maintaining pressure inside the hydraulic system. Flotation is set from the cab so when the mowers travel over uneven ground pressure is maintained at a steady rate. A low-profile cutterbar design allows for an even cut and the Smartcut cutterbar provides a clean cut even in a light crop. Quickchange blades speed blade changes and the Safecut hubs provide cutterbar protection.

Conditioning occurs through intermeshing rubber rollers. The conditioner is powered by a gearbox and drives both the top and bottom roller at 750 rpm.

The Easycut B 1000 CR Collect is outfitted with a hydraulic merger that can be raised and lowered from the cab to merge the crop into one large center windrow. Or merger doors can be open to lay the crop flat.

New tedder added to company lineup
Preparing the crop in a timely manner sometimes means spreading it out and the new KWT 882 T rotary tedder offers innovations to for productivity and quality. The drawbar equipped tedder is easy to hook to any tractor. Its 28-foot, 10-inch working width will help you cover the territory too. For quick travel from field to field, the KWT 882 folds down to run on two large transport wheels. The narrow 9-foot, 4-inch transport width assures safe and smooth travel.

The tedder includes eight rotors with six tine arms per rotor to spread the crop flat for better drying. Tines are wrapped around each tubular tine arm for greater strength. Tines contina two teeth and are offset so they don't contact the ground, reducing wear and dirt contamination in the forage.

 The KWT 882 T features hydraulically controlled boundary spreading to eliminate crop loss when tedding against a tree line or fence line.  Other adjustments can be made to fine tune the performance of the tedder based on the conditions and crop type, such as rotor and tine angle adjustments.

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