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New syringe line from Destron Fearing

New syringe line from Destron Fearing
Company upgrades with multiple features and service kits for each model.


Destron Fearing has launched a new Masterline syringe line.

The company says its new syringes are constructed of high-quality materials and designed for long service life. They feature metal luer lock tips, easy dose adjustments, ergonomically designed handles and removable barrels for cleaning. Service kits are available for each model.

The new line of Masterline syringes includes the: 50ml Roux Revolver Syringe, 2ml F GRIP Syringe, 6ml V GRIP Syringe, the 12.5ml V GRIP Syringe and the 30ml V GRIP Drencher.
The 50ml Roux Revolver pistol grip syringe is designed for multiple dosing of livestock with easy dose settings.

This is Destron Fearing's new Masterline V GRIP syringe.

The V GRIP syringes feature "dial-a-dosage" for easy settings and are adaptable to bottle and tube feed configurations.

The F GRIP is a self-filling syringe with an ergonomic design for high-volume use.
“These new syringes are a great addition to our family of high quality, trusted products,” says Scott Holt, marketing manager for Destron Fearing. “They are designed with the user in mind so they can stand up to rigorous use in the constantly changing agricultural environment.”
For more information about Masterline syringes, call (800) 328-0118 or email [email protected].

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