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New Rules Apply To Refillable Pesticide Containers

New Rules Apply To Refillable Pesticide Containers

Beginning Aug. 16 many portable refillable containers won't meet the new code and can't be used.

Beginning Aug. 16, the Environmental Protection Agency will require all portable and refillable pesticide containers to meet new requirements. The requirements include:

One way valves or tamper evident device on openings (other than vents) is required. Standard zip-ties are not acceptable for a tamper evident device.

Containers must have a unique method of identification such as serial number or ID code.

Must meet DOT design, construction and markings.

Must be cleaned between uses unless tamper evident and/or one-way valves are intact and filled with same product.

Containers must be on an approved list from the registrant. Containers with the product name molded into the container should remain dedicated to that product.

Must have registrant's cleaning instructions and repackaging authorization on hand.

EPA Establishment number and net contents must be on the product label affixed to the tank.

Container integrity will be responsibility of both the re-filler and registrant. Records must be kept for each inspection and fill that includes the pesticide, amount, EPA establishment number and tank serial number or code. All DOT tanks must be pressure tested every 2 ½ years according to DOT re-testing procedures. There is a month/year date stamped near the UN Marking that indicates the original certification date.

The person who owns the pesticide refillable container must comply with these regulations, whether they are the manufacturer, distributor, retailer or farmer. After Aug. 16, many existing portable refillable containers will be obsolete. If the refillable container cannot meet these requirements it is not to be refilled.

The ag and pesticide industry has worked closely with EPA in the development of a Pesticide Container and Containment (PCC) rule. Primary objectives of this rule are facilitating the disposal and recycling of pesticide containers and protecting the environment from potential pesticide releases due to spills and leaks in storage or when refilling/dispensing plant protection products. The requirements of the PCC rule have been phased in since it was finalized in 2006.  Industry has participated in; training, the development of certification of retail centers for compliance with storage requirements and working to ensure smooth implementation of the rule so that the objectives are met and regulatory burden is minimized.

For more information, contact the South Dakota Department of Agriculture at or Facebook.

Source: SD Department of Agriculture

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