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New product in the pipeline would help resistant weed issue

New product in the pipeline would help resistant weed issue
Technology and herbicide is approved in U.S., awaiting export approvals.

Mistakes by various technology providers over the past decade or more have apparently taught current developers to make sure they have export approvals for corn or soybean grain first before introducing new technology into the U.S. marketplace.

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Brent Philbrook, regional manager for Bayer CropScience told farmers and ag chemical dealers recently that Balance GT soybeans tolerant to Balance Bean herbicide has all the necessary regulatory approvals in the U.S. Yet Bayer doesn't intend to launch the soybean tolerant to Balance GT or sell the herbicide until 2017. That is the projected launch year.

Help on the way: Brent Philbrook says Balance GT on BalanceBean will help against resistant weeds once it is available. It's projected for launch in 2017.

"We want to have all of the export approvals in place so that there will be no issues when we bring the product to market," Philbrook says. Obtaining export approvals, especially from China, has been a slow and inconsistent, unpredictable process as of late.

BalanceBean varieties will also be tolerant to glyphosate, the spokesperson says. One year after the initial introduction, Bayer plans to introduce the product with the Liberty tolerance trait added as well.

"Then we can give you a product with tolerance to three different modes of action," he explains. Balance is from group 27 in the chart classifying herbicides by modes of action. Liberty is from class 10, and glyphosate from class 9. The goal is to have at least three effective modes of action against each tough weed.

If a weed is glyphosate resistant, then glyphosate being in the mix doesn't add a mode of action for that weed. It may be helpful on other weeds which aren't resistant, but you would need a residual of a different class or another post product that works on the weed glyphosate is resistant to if you want to wind up with three modes of action.

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Having three modes of action helps greatly reduce the possibility of new resistance developing because the likelihood of a weed developing resistance to all three modes of action is much less than if it is only killed by one mode of action time and time again.

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