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New Precision Software Could Revolutionize Crop Scouting

New Precision Software Could Revolutionize Crop Scouting
Taking notes by hand in a seed notebook will soon be obsolete.

A college student who worked as a scout for a fertilizer and crops dealership this summer couldn't believe his eyes when Mark Gordon, New Castle, explained what he could do with an ordinary iPad and the Field 360 Select program offered by DuPont Pioneer.

With the program, Gordon can take notes electronically, take pictures and send them on the spot, and file the notes to be used with yield maps and other information later. The scout had just completed a summer working as an intern, recording all notes by hand in a small notebook.

Game changer: Mark Gordon is ready to take notes with his iPad loaded with the Field 360 note-taking app from Pioneer.

Gordon and many others who have tried this service believe that note-taking in the field may never be the same again. There's the opportunity to send pictures of the problem weed, insect or plant you're looking at to a number of people, and receive replies right there in the field. That also allows you to make decisions while there may still be time to help the crop in the field, depending upon the nature of the problem. Plus, you can mark the notes with GPS markers so you know exactly where you found them, and can return to that spot later if necessary.

The best part may be that the note-taking element of the Field 360 program is actually an app that you can download for free. Pioneer has introduced Field 360 as the brand for a number of its scouting products. The products were tried this year, and will be available next year as well.

A more advanced version that allows Website access from anywhere and lets you do more with the data is the Field 360 Select program. There is a $499 annual fee to gain access to this site through Pioneer. Once you have access you can use it in a variety of ways to layer information and learn more about how hybrids and practices performed in your field.

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