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New Online Ads Promote Beef

New Online Ads Promote Beef

Checkoff-supported commercials continue the 'Beef, It's What's for Dinner' theme with a little whimsy and sense of humor.

There are two new beef-focused Web commercials playing online that aim to keep consumers thinking about the value of the tasty food on the daily menu. The creative tactics used in each play on the power of beef to elevate any meal to a higher status.

The beef checkoff, once known for bigger television-focused advertisements is taking its story to the Internet, providing ads that can be played across the Web. The messages are the same - showing off the product and its power to elevate any meal to a special status, but now consumers see them on the "smaller screen" of their computer.

SELLING THE SIZZLE: Two new online ads from the beef checkoff show off the tasty treat with a little humor.

"We know people miss seeing beef commercials on television, but our checkoff dollars don't buy what they did 25 yeaers ago," says Dan Hinman, vice chair of the checkoff's adverstising committee and a feeder/stocker from Emmett, Idaho.

Hinman says this online element to the beef advertising experience plays on consumers who go beyond normal TV programming to visit websites after a show is over, or follow a Twitter feed or share on Facebook. "That's why the advertising committee recognized and supported the need to have a presence online as an extension of the current checkoff print advertising," Hinman adds.

The two new spots, which feature top quality production values, offers two different takes of the value of beef on the daily menu. In each, the background piano theme is an arrangement that picks up from the original use of Aaron Copland's Hoedown from the Rodeo symphony, but in a gentler, subtler way.

You can watch both videos below, here's a short description of each:

In the first - Island - the viewer sees the sizzle of the steak. The key message, shown in a whimsical way, is that beef can elevate the everyday.

In the second - Invitation - a child star convincingly and earnestly conveys the message about beef, but hang on to the end for a humorous hook for a cute laugh.

There are 30 and 45 second versions of each commercial. The 30 second spots will be used on while the longer versions will be available on Facebook.

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