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New Novus Product Improves Weight Gain

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Plant extract protected by patented coating adds 5% gain and efficiency improvement.

Novus International, Inc., recently released Next Enhance, a source of plant extracts which affects the rumen environment to consistently boost efficiency and weight gain in beef cattle.

Next Enhance is a source of cinnamaldehyde and garlic oil and contains the active ingredient diallyl disulfide, which have been shown to favorably modify rumen fermentation. This allows dietary carbohydrates and proteins to be more efficiently used by the beef animal, says Troy Wistuba, beef research manager for Novus.

"This rumen effect leads to increased nutrient uptake or use which results in improved feed conversion and growth as well as reduced rumen waste products," Wistuba says. "Carbohydrate and protein savings are channeled into better average daily gain in growing and finishing cattle. It's one more way for producers to improve their bottom line."

Normally, plant extracts can be highly volatile after extraction and rapidly degrade during storage and ration mixing, he says. Therefore the active ingredients in Next Enhance are protected by two layers of a unique, patented  coating.

Wistuba says this patented technology assures targeted release of the active ingredients in the rumen.

He says seven feeding trials in Europe and four in the U.S. have consistently shown improvements in average daily gain and feed efficiency of 5%. He adds this is a profitable investment.

Next Enhance comes in two formulations, one for normal mixing systems and one for micronutrient mixing systems.

Wistuba adds Next Enhance has so far provided the gain and efficiency boost even when Rumensin is included in the diet.

The active ingredient in Next Enhance increases propionate production and reduces methane and ammonia, Wistuba says. This allows an increase in peptide passage to the small intestine and that gives the boost in feed efficiency.

Contact your Novus sales representative or call Novus Customer Service at (800) 568-0088 for more information.

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