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New hay tools for livestock producers

New Holland is rolling out several new products and upgrades for existing equipment.

Making top quality hay is Job 1 for dairy and livestock producers. New Holland, a leader in hay and forage tool for decades, is releasing information on new balers, mower conditioners and windrowers for 2014. In addition, utility tractors have been upgraded with the livestock guy in mind.

Here's a rundown of the new products.

Round balers are the most frequently purchased piece of hay making equipment and New Holland has a new, higher capacity Roll-Belt  560  5 ft. by 6 ft. round baler to help make the process more efficient. Key features include a 60-inch, six bar SuperSweep pickup or the 82-inch, 5-bar ActiveSweep pickup. "The ActiveSweep design innovations add up to a 20% increase in capacity," says Michael Cornman, dairy and livestock market segment manager.

Producers can monitor and control bale making with the new Bale Command II (twine only), Bale Command II Plus (twine and net, twine only, or net only) system. They also have the option to go with ISOBUS with the IntelliView III color touchscreen monitor.

Three belt choices are available. They feature new low-profile Alligator rivet fasteners that reduce bale bending stresses. New endless belts area also available for a completely spliceless design.

A Specialty Crop option is designed for crops like cornstalks, straw, or large windrows of heavy grasses like sudan. These units are expected on dealer lots shortly after January 1, according to Cornman.

Other improvements include a new tool free gauge wheel adjustment.

Center-pivot mower-conditioners
New Holland's new Discbine 313 (13-foot cutting width) and Discbine 316 (16.3-foot cutting width) feature the WideDry conditioning system. "The chevron-design intermeshing rubber rolls, steel intermeshing rolls or LeaningEdge flails are 22.5% wider than previous models (125 inches vs. 122 inches)," notes Cornman.

The driveline is simplified –PTO power is transferred from the front swivel gear box to a second swivel gear box at the rear of the tongue that maintains perfect alignment of the output driveshaft to cutterbar- and conditioner-drive box on the left side of the unit. . This means the cutterbar is driven from one side which simplifies maintenance.

The MowMaxII modular cutterbar features larger discs with larger, heavier gears, bearings and interconnecting shafts. The design also features individually sealed disc drive modules so if the mower hits an obstruction the damage is isolated and contained in that module. ShockPRO disc drive hubs absorb the impact before damage to drive components can occur.

A new biomass kit is available working in energy crops like corn stover. Among other features, it includes extra-high skid shoes.

Self-propelled windrower
Three new models of the New Holland Speedrower self-propelled windrower will soon be available as well. They include the Speedrower130 with 4 cylinder engine rated at 126 h.p., the Speedrower 200 with 6 cylinder engine rated at 190 h.p. and the Speedrower 240 with 6 cylinder engine rated at 226 h.p.

All have integrated, factory-installed IntelliSteer auto guidance which can provide cutting accuracies from +/- 1 inch to 8 inches. Guidance and steering are both controlled hydraulically so there is no delay in response due to wires, electronics and steering linkages.

Tractor upgrades
New Holland introduced the T5 Series line of utility tractors earlier this year. They have now been upgraded to appeal even more to dairy, livestock and mixed farmers with the addition of the Electro Command semi-powershift transmission. Two models are available: a T5.5 105 and T5.115, which offer 106 and 114 h.p. respectively.

The Electro Command semi-powershift transmission is an optimized version of the transmission that's currently fitted to New Holland's T6 tractors. This transmission features sixteen forward and reverse gears, and enables operators to select up to eight gears via up or downshift buttons on the dedicated transmission lever without physically moving it.

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