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New Dry Fertilizer Knife Could Fit Your Farm

New Dry Fertilizer Knife Could Fit Your Farm
New fertilizer knife is one of many new products for 2014.

By Farm Progress editors

The Yetter dry fertilizer knife is one of the last new products you might expect to find at a farm show. The trend has tilted toward liquid fertilizer as starter fertilizer and in other applications for several years.

Yetter Company introduced a new dry fertilizer knife for 2014, and displayed it at their booth at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville this year. Why develop and promote a new knife for dry fertilizer applications? Spokespersons say they still get several requests for dry fertilizer application equipment.

Dry option- Yetter hasn't forgotten those who want to handle dry fertilizer, introducing this dry knife this year.

Especially in some parts of the country, dry fertilizer application as row starter off the planter is still a popular option. The dry fertilizer is typically handled in bulk from a converted gravity wagon or some sort of tender that carries bulk dry fertilizer. Fertilizer in bags for commercial farm operations has pretty much disappeared. The Yetter dry fertilizer knife is designed to do the best job of working with various fertilizer opener arrangements and applying dry fertilizer, Yetter spokespersons report.

Besides the dry fertilizer knife, Yetter also carries a full line of liquid application equipment if you're applying liquid fertilizer as starter fertilizer, or in other applications. Learn more about the new dry knife and other Yetter products at:

You can also call Yetter directly toll-free at 800-447-5777. Yetter is located in Colchester, Ill. The new dry fertilizer knife is priced competitively with other products on the market for similar applications.

Here are comments from three Farm Progress editors about this product.

Tom J. Bechman, Indiana Prairie Farmer: One of the most frustrating things is to use a technology not everyone else is using and not be able to find modern equipment to make it work. Hats off to Yetter for making a product that won't fit everyone, but which will be greatly appreciated by those who need it.

Lon Tonneson, Dakota Farmer: For guys who like dry fertilizer, this is a welcome innovation. It will let you get the prills into the ground instead of spreading them on the top and hoping for rain.

Mindy Ward, Missouri Ruralist: With many farmers using liquid fertilizer, it's hard to imagine a new dry fertilizer knife. However, some farmers continue to use this method to apply starter fertilizer. Yetter's new dry fertilizer knife fills this niche for producers.

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