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New Cow-Calf Production Handbook

New Cow-Calf Production Handbook

A new publication titled "Cow-calf Production In the U.S. Corn Belt" is available. You can order this 272-page softbound handbook from Midwest Plan Service at Iowa State University.

A new publication "Cow-calf Production In The U.S. Corn Belt" is available from Midwest Plan Service at Iowa State University. This handbook (MWPS-66) was written by 11 authors, with 22 chapters, photos, tables, beef operation case studies, a cow herd management calendar, appendixes and a comprehensive index.

It is intended for cow-calf operations in the Corn Belt but includes topics directly applicable to the rest of the United States, says Jay Harmon, an Iowa State University Extension ag engineer who is also the coordinator of the Midwest Plan Service office at ISU.

Topics in the book are: animal handling, breeding programs to obtain desirable herd characteristics, managing a cow herd, calving and calf management, pasture management and ration formulation, herd health, body condition scoring—a simple and economical method of controlling feed costs and optimizing production, ration formulation—nutritional needs of the cow during her various stages of production, example ration calculations, handling animal mortalities, pest control—insects and other pests. Integrated pest management methods are also explained.

Covers the entire spectrum of topics pertaining to cow-calf production

Marketing issues are covered, from traditional local sale barns and contracts with feeding operations, to backgrounding of calves, and feeding out of animals for sale as freezer beef. Other topics are utilities such as lighting protection and watering systems, design and construction of water supply systems for pasture; gates and electric fencing, rotational grazing, safety issues and suggested safety practices.

The handbook is 272 pages, softbound, with drawings and photos, tables, etc. You can find more information at "We also have MWPS books available on a wide variety of ag subjects including horse facilities, swine facilities, row crops and farm management," says Jay Harmon, an Iowa State University Extension ag engineer. Contact MWPS at 122 Davidson Hall, ISU, Ames, IA 50011-3080. Email is

Since 1932, MWPS has provided science-based, peer-reviewed, low-cost and free information and building plans to ag professionals, agribusiness persons and homeowners worldwide.
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