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New Branding Provides New Seed Performance Technologies to Enhance Genetics and Traits

Technology helps maximize crop performance potential.

Tuesday Monsanto announced the launch of Acceleron, a seed treatment designed to maximize the potential for crop performance beginning at planting. The branded seed treatment is a new component of the company's seed treatment platform.

"You can count on Acceleron to do more than protect from insects and pests," says Randy Barker, Monsanto's seed treatment strategy leader. "What we are seeing with Acceleron is new plant benefits and vigor. So we think it is more apt to call Acceleron a seed performance technology."

According to Barker there are more than 600 field trials being conducted in 2008 and in 2009 Acceleron will be commercially available on Roundup Ready soybeans.

"Following 2009 in 2010 we'll have Smart Stax come with Acceleron," says Barker. "In upcoming years we'll have that also on Delta Pine cotton and other crops around the world."
Barker says the main diseases being targeted in 2009 will be pythium and phytophthora but it will have other capabilities.

"It is not based on single discovery portfolio," Barker says. "We are bringing things together that we are ensuring are new and performing beyond the current standards. We can do that both because of our seed and trait pipeline as well as our capability in chemistry."

Testing and evaluation is on going for different crops and determinations are being made as to when they will be made available with Acceleron.

"As we move forward Acceleron will be our treatment brand," Barker says. "There are certainly components that there's no improvement or placement on, but we are committed to bringing new things and new solutions to build better systems, so Acceleron will be our brand."

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