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New book looks at cattle lameness

New book looks at cattle lameness
Zinpro Corporation issues new book as a field-ready guide to help assess, and prevent, lameness in beef and dairy cattle.

Just what causes cattle lameness? Are there ways to identify the problem? A new book from Zinpro Corporation - Cattle Lameness: Identification, Prevention and Control of Claw Lesions - offers a new visual, field-ready guide to help assess the problem in beef and dairy cattle.

Dana Tomlinson, Ph.D, research nutritionist, Zinpro Corporation, notes: "There are a number of very good textbooks on the market today, but they are just texts. Our objective with this book was to give the producer or nutritionist an understandable manual that they can take to the field and quickly apply that knowledge in identifying lesions that are most prevalent in dairy and beef cattle."

A new guide from Zinpro Corporation offers a field-ready guide to diagnosing and preventing cattle lameness.

The book features in-depth information on causes of lameness, the anatomy of the food, claw lesions and diseases, nutrition and hoof and claw care, and was developed by the Zinpro International Bovine Lameness Committee. The committee includes a global team of industry experts that includes Ph.D-level nutritionists, veterinarians and academicians.

The problem of lameness can be difficult to diagnose and a greater challenge to prevent, but unchecked lameness in a herd can be devastating. The good news is that research about lameness and lesions has never been more comprehensive.

The price for the book is $50 in print or digital versions. Proceeds from sale of the book will be used to fund research and education for animal wellness. The digital version of the book will also be eligible for free updates. The Cattle Lameness book is available for sale in printed format on Amazon and the ebook is available for sale through Google Play and the App Store. To learn more about the efforts from Zinpro Corporation to prevent cattle lameness, visit the Dairy Lameness and Beef Lameness pages on For more information about the Cattle Lameness book, visit the Cattl e Lameness book page on

Source: Zinpro Corporation

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