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New Alliance Between Regional Seed Companies Could Be Win-Win-Win

Beck's Hybrids and Brown Seed Enterprises are now working together.

Feeling like you have a winning hand may be a lofty goal if the start is any indication to how this season will turn out. A win-win would be super in almost anyone's book. But to score a triple winning situation that could help customers of two major seed companies now and into the future is quite a feat.

What constitutes a triple win? When a new alliance announced recently by two strategically-located regional seed companies, Beck's Hybrids, Atlanta, Ind., and Brown Seed Enterprises, Neoga, Ill., should help strengthen performance for both, and help their customers through better services and better products at the same time.

"We're excited about the possibilities," says Sonny Beck, president of Beck Hybrids in central Indiana. "It's a good fit for us and for them."

Indeed, sources say that Brown has put together a state-of-the-art processing facility that allows production and distribution of seed in central and southern Illinois, southwest Indiana, and western Kentucky. They also have honed their genetics for soil types in the south-central Illinois area, from Effingham southward.

"Those are very different soils," Beck says. "Their genetics have performed well there."

For Beck's, the alliance will open up new retail territory. The company had already expanded into central and northern Illinois, with a practical farm research station at Lexington, Ill. But they had not yet concentrated on southern Illinois. It will also help them better serve existing customers in Illinois through more efficient processing and distribution.

For Brown Seed Enterprises, it gives them a stronger retail marketing arm and a wider line-up of products for customers. Brown Seed Enterprises has marketed under the Arise brand since 1990.

"With the formation of this alliance, we're bringing our customers a more complete line of corn, soybean, wheat, alfalfa and forage products which are available through Beck's Hybrids," says Dennis Brown, president and owner of Brown Seed Enterprises.

Beck's products will be shown to customers at Brown Seed Enterprises field days this summer, Brown says. He adds that his company will continue to do research on hybrids and varieties that work best in southern Illinois, and will continue to operate their modern seed conditioning plant.

Customers of Arise seed should expect to see more of their seed arrive in Beck's Hybrids bags in the future. However, the ethic of putting farmers first will simply intensify, not go away, Brown insists. That's because both companies believe wholeheartedly in that concept.

Beck's Hybrids operates three practical research sites for crop production practices, one at Atlanta, Ind., Fort Branch, Ind., and Lexington, ill. The Brow Seed Enterprises site in Illinois will likely provide the opportunity to develop a fourth site for practical farm research, Beck concludes.

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