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NCBA Suspends Proposed Structure Changes

NCBA Suspends Proposed Structure Changes
Role of Federation of State Beef Councils must be clarified.

The National Cattlemen's Beef Association is putting its proposed governance changes on hold. The move will allow the Federation of State Beef Councils to clarify to all industry shareholders its role and intentions.

There has been much controversy about the new governance structure and the Federation was a major issue that has concerned many in the industry. Federation Chair Scott George says that NCBA is not foregoing a change in governance, but simply waiting so a discussion about the Federation can move forward and the new structure can be developed with unity among the beef industry.

"We want to do this right. The Federation effectively represents all cattle producers paying into the checkoff," said George. "Quite frankly, it is impossible to do so when there is so much controversy driving a divide within the industry. We have critical issues affecting this industry that requires us to be united, not divided. We are calling a timeout to clarify our role and wishes to all shareholders."

According to Washington State Beef Commission Executive Director Patti Brumbach, a delay in governance discussions is necessary if the Federation is going to continue to effectively build beef demand and address critical industry issues.

"Without a functioning Federation, coordination is lost and producers' checkoff dollars become ineffective at tackling issues and breaking through a very cluttered consumer environment. Consumers are bombarded everyday with misinformation about beef, and the only way for producers' story to be heard is through the Federation's coordinated efforts. Let me re-emphasize the word coordinated," said Brumbach. "Delaying the discussion about NCBA's governance is not only the right thing to do for state partners, but essential to the effectiveness of the Beef Checkoff Program, which is no more important to any other organization than it is to NCBA. We are doing this to coordinate our efforts for the good of cattle producers working hard to feed a growing global population."

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