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NCBA Begins Fall Membership Drive

NCBA Begins Fall Membership Drive
Group is ready to add more farmers and ranchers to its 'unified voice' for beef producers

Border security, international trade and environmental regulations are among the top-priority issues that the National Cattlemen's Beef Association will tackle this year, all the more reason to have more voices representing the unified influence of America's beef producers, the group says.

That's why NCBA is kicking off its annual fall membership drive – to more effectively advocate for ranchers' wishes in Washington, D.C.

According to NCBA Policy Division Chair Philip Ellis, it is NCBA's producers that give us the strength to advocate effectively in Washington D.C.

NCBA is ready to add more farmers and ranchers to its 'unified voice' for beef producers

"This year's membership drive focusing on partnership, process and legacy hits the mark," Ellis said. "As cattlemen and women our legacy of growth, profitability and sustainability for future generations is key.

"And we are calling on all producers to not only join, but engage in the grassroots process to keep our industry strong. As cattle producers, we need to be engaged at the legislative and regulatory levels, but we also have to fight against groups like the Humane Society of the United States, that are actively working to put us out of business."

Ellis said while we made great progress this past year, the year ahead continues to hold challenges for the cattle industry.

"We had a number of successes in this past year; thanks to our strong membership base, we were able to keep federal inspectors on the job during the furlough and we were able to keep HSUS out of the farm bill," Ellis said.

"But as we look to this next year, we expect Congress to discuss border security and the Trans Pacific Partnership, all while keeping an eye on overzealous federal regulation. My NCBA membership keeps me at the forefront of all of these issues."

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