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National TV Campaign Will Promote Ethanol

National TV Campaign Will Promote Ethanol
Growth Energy hopes to shape public opinion by presenting facts in ads.

On Monday Growth Energy launched a national television campaign to promote ethanol. The six-month campaign will air spots on four cable networks and focus on the specific messages of Independent, Clean, Renewable, Peace, Sensible and Economic aspects of ethanol.

"Ethanol is
America's fuel," said Growth Energy Co-Chair General Wesley Clark. "We can make all the ethanol we need right here in this country. We don't have to ship it; it's right here."

Clark went on to talk about the fact that the Navy and Marines are not needed to protect the ethanol supply and that the real cost of America's oil addiction is what it means for our armed forces.

"We are engaging our armed forces to secure
America's access to energy," Clark said. "The devotion of an entire naval group halfway around the world, not to protect America, but to protect the economy of our nation in a part of the world so volatile, so violent, so turbulent that we've been involved there in almost continuous warfare for almost 20 years. And what's the cost? What's the cost to the Treasury of the United States? What's the cost in terms of lives?"

Clark said that this ad campaign will make the case for America's fuel and that it is a forceful case for ending the addiction to foreign oil. He says he feels that television is the best way to shape public opinion.

Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis agrees with
Clark and explains that is the purpose of these advertisements.

"They're designed to send a message on what we can do for this nation, our economy, our national security, and our environment," Buis said. "We want the facts out there. We are not afraid to debate the facts, but so far a lot of the facts have been misinformation campaigns. They want to kick the can down the road for some new energy source that may magically appear 30 years from now. What we're saying is that we are an alternative to foreign oil today."

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