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Mushroom Season Will Come!

Mushroom Season Will Come!
Forget the snow and cold- it won't last forever.

This story could have started with an admonition about don't get lulled to sleep by the cold, snowy weather running deep into February and not get your spring equipment ready. Now is the time to be taking planter boxes to get checked by those who have professional metering stands.

In fact, in the March issue of Indiana Prairie Farmer you'll find Dave Nanda's story about Duane Hensley, who manages crops for Jim Douglas, Flat Rock. Hensley is particular when it comes to the 1t6-wor planter that he operates for Douglas. Not only does he take the units to be checked and calibrated on a planter stand, but he also takes samples of seed form each hybrid he will plant. He wants the meters and the seed properly calibrated so that size of the seed or shape of the seed doesn't throw off his planting rhythm. Many professionals who offer services including checking planter units on test stands today can also calibrate seed samples for you, and indicate what adjustments in setting might be needed to plant a particular seed.

Well, if the story had started with that headline, would you have read it? It's more fun to think about mushroom hunting. Mushrooms will only come up in April when the weather warms up, spring is finely on the way, and this winter, which turned out a lot colder and snowier in this part of the world than expected, is just a memory,.

Seeing Clyde Viers at the Louisville Farm Show reminded me that mushroom season wasn't far away. It was the first thing the Stewart Seeds rep asked me when I approached their booth. Viers services customers in Gibson and surrounding counties in southwestern Indiana.

Mushroom hunts have become legend, especially when I go along. Or at least that's what Clyde and his buddy, Donny Nurrenbern, a local farmer, tell me. Trouble is I haven't been able to make the past two hunts due to other commitments. This year, though, I'm determined to go.

Naturally, I had to listen to stories about how many they found last year. "We found sack fulls, right behind my house," Viers insisted.

"Yeah, right, I've heard your tall tales before," I noted.

"No, he's telling the truth," another faithful hunter piped up. "I found them by the sackful too."

Well, guess what. Two things are certain. Take these to the bank. Spring will get here and you better have your planter ready, because it will get here sooner than you think. There's less than a week before the calendar flips to March.

Second, when I show up for the mushroom hunt in April, which I fully plan to do, I won't even need to take a sack. I won't find but a handful, and probably few others in the party will either. The real $64,000 dollar question is what excuse Clyde will give me for not finding them this year!

Watch out Clyde, spring is coming and I'm heading your way too! There better be mushrooms when I get there!

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