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More Seed Company News From Companies Active in Indiana

More Seed Company News From Companies Active in Indiana
News varies from announcement about products to word about meeting series.

You may have assumed that the SmartStax products from Dow AgroSciences, also offered by Monsanto and other licensees, were automatically here to stay. The product, which contains 8 genes, was developed jointly by Monsanto and Dow AgroSciences. Last year was the first major introduction of the products locally.

The Environmental Protection Agency doesn't make the same assumptions you do. Instead, the agency sets limits on product registrations, and requires that companies seek extensions to continue selling the product. The good news for companies and farmers who plant SmartStqax hybrids is that EPA recently granted registration extension of the stacked-trait technology.

Cole Hansen, Dow AgroSciences U.S. Seeds Traits Marketing Manager, says the extension is important and timely because SmartStax has multiple modes of action. The confirmation of a breakthrough of corn rootworm against one of the earlier corn rootworm events in certain parts of the Corn Belt, primarily in Iowa and Illinois, make this extension all that more crucial, he says.

SmartStax also carries reduced refuge, granted earlier by EPA since the products have multiple modes of action. The theory is that with multiple modes of action, there is less chance that an insect mutation could develop resistant to the traits and survive both modes of action. Refuge Advanced powered by SmartStax will be a 95-5% blend of SmartStax and non-traited corn, the so-called refuge in a bag idea. It will be available in 2012, and simplifies planting of traited hybrids.

Seed Consultants, Inc.- This fast growing company, based in Washington Courthouse, Ohio, is making a major push into Indiana. The company cooperated with Indiana Prairie Farmer on a contest that was recently completed. Altogether, the company awarded 48 bags of seed corn, 24 in Indiana and 24 in Ohio, to farmers who most correctly guessed when Growing Degree Days would reach certain levels at certain locations in each state.  The winners in Indiana and information on how growing degree days accumulated about two weeks faster than normal are featured in an article in the December issue.

Now, Seed Consultants, Inc., announces a series of winter meetings to be held at select locations across the Corn Belt. The meetings will be held in January and February, and will include more than just a rundown of available hybrids and varieties for 2012. In addition, topics will include lessons learned from 2011, tips for successful crops in 2012, help on interpreting plot data, and tips on improving plan ting and harvesting techniques.

Advance registration is requested. For exact dates and locations, and to make reservations, call 800-708-2676, or go online at: 

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