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More Ag Companies Are Serious About Offering Field Imaging Services

More Ag Companies Are Serious About Offering Field Imaging Services
Beck's Hybrids expands collaboration with GeoVantage.

At Beck's field days at Atlanta in August, one tent was largely devoted to displaying images of farmers' fields taken from the air. Beck's staff was on hand to discuss the images. In many cases, an aerial shot of the field told a story about something that happened during the season, such as where a sprayer quit working or where extra nitrogen was applied.

The response and demand for aerial imaging led Beck's Hybrids to announce recently that it will expand its collaboration with GeoVantage for 2014. GeoVantage, Inc., is a remote sensing company based in Massachusetts.

Imagery moves forward: Beck's Hybrids is moving deeper into aerial imagery offerings for customers by continuing to collaborate with GeoVantage.

Wade Wiley, business lead for Beck's Hybrids, believes that by working with aerial imagery, they can help farmers increase yield potential. Working more closely with GeoVantage this year will allow Beck's staff to focus more on the farmer and his fields, Wiley adds.

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Ashley Fischer, communications specialist for Beck's Hybrids, says that in 2013, Beck's Hybrids was the first third-party company to offer farmers the chance to order and receive aerial imaging from their precision agriculture web application. GeoVantage will continue to provide aerial imagery at 50 centimeters resolution. It's a way to more efficiently manage your crops if you are truly interested in precision farming and precision management.

The technology GeoVantage uses to deliver aerial imagery is complex. The company maintains a network of 30 airplanes and camera systems covering the U.S. That sets them apart from most other imagery providers in the U.S. at the current time.

This service isn't just available to farmers in Indiana, Fischer notes. It's set up so that farmers in any part of Beck's marketing area can sign up for the service. Beck's staff is able to use the imagery to produce different views of the same field, which helps both them and the farmer understand what is happening in the field in real time. It's a tool that not only helps explain what happened, but which may allow for corrective treatment.

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