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More 2014 Farm Bill Information You Need to Know

More 2014 Farm Bill Information You Need to Know
Straight answers for tough 2014 Farm Bill questions.

The rules for participation in the new 2014 Farm Bill programs have many people asking questions. Here are key questions FSA staff has fielded so far.

Carl Schweikhardt, an Indiana FSA specialist, provides the answers.

Check out the first installment of 2014 Farm Bill information you need to know.

Question: A producer has several FSA farm numbers. Is he required to reallocate bases and/or update yields on all farms?

Farm bill questions: You must make farm bill decisions before planting time. If you have tough questions, send them to [email protected] and we will see that you get an answer.

Answer: Producers aren't required to reallocate bases or update yields. However, they're encouraged to look at the possibilities for each farm. It's rare that bases and yields can be updated on a farm. Bases and yields that were on a farm as of September 30, 2013, will be retained if updates aren't made. The yield decision will be made on a crop by crop basis. The base decision will be made on a farm by farm basis. Only farms that had base acres as of September 30, 2013, may update bases and yields and make an election on the farm. The deadline to complete base reallocation and yield updates is February 27, 2015.

Question: A producer has several FSA farm numbers. Can he or she elect different farm programs, either PLC, ARC-County or ARC- Individual, for each farm?

Answer: Yes. It is a farm-by-farm decision. The producer can elect ARC-County or PLC on one or more farms, and/or can elect ARC- Individual on one or more farms. Keep in mind all farms with an ARC- Individual election will be combined to calculate the revenue guarantee, actual revenue and, if applicable, payment per acre.

ARC-County and PLC are chosen on a crop-by-crop basis on a farm. For instance, you can elect PLC for corn and ARC-County for soybeans on the same farm. However, if ARC- Individual is elected by the producer, all crops are considered to have elected ARC- Individual on the farm. PLC and ARC-County can't be elected on crops on an ARC-Individual farm. The deadline to complete Farm Bill program elections through FSA is March 31, 2015.

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