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Miss America 'Back Home in Indiana' Today

Miss America 'Back Home in Indiana' Today
Farm girl visits Jackson County fair.

Katie Stam may have to pinch herself a time or two today. The farm girl, raised near Seymour in Jackson County, returns today for an appearance at her county fair. She's scheduled to do a photo shoot leading a diary heifer, like she did back during the days she participated in 4-H.

"We're proud of our fair, and we're very pleased to be able to welcome her back home, if only for a day," notes Don Cummings, a dentist in Seymour, and a part-time farmer himself. Cummings, son of long-time ag teacher Jim Cummings, now retired, also serves on the Jackson County fair board.

"We hope this generates some publicity not only for the Miss America pageant, but for our county fair," he continues. "We think we have one of the best county fairs in Indiana."

Katie Stam attended Seymour High School and the University of Indianapolis. The 22year old hopes to pursue a career in communications, and has already made great strides toward progress in that field.

The petite, calf-leading beauty, now Miss America, will only be in Indiana for one day. She flies in from California, then jets off to another out-of-state location the next day.

Meanwhile, the American Dairy Association hopes to make 'hay' on the Jackson County fairgrounds Monday. Their plan is to distribute information and trinkets that promote dairy consumption.

County fair season enters its last leg this week as the Indiana State Fair approaches. The state fair opens August 7 and runs through August 23, a 17-day run, compared to the normal 12 day run of the past several years. Other fairs yet to go include Morgan County Fair, and the Marion County fair. The Marion County fair is traditionally one of the lat county fairs before the state fair.

If you want to pop out to see Miss America at the Jackson County fair today, the fairgrounds is located near Brownstown, about a mile south of the Courthouse. Activities involving Miss America, already a local folk hero there, are slated to be held beginning at 2 .p.m. in the Pavilion, located on the fairgrounds.

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