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MIone Robotic Milker Launched By GEA Farm Technologies

MIone Robotic Milker Launched By GEA Farm Technologies
GEA becomes fourth dairy equipment manufacturer to market robotic milking systems in U.S.

The robotic milking market is now a little more competitive. On Thursday, GEA Farm Technologies officially joined AMS Galaxy, DeLaval and Lely in marketing robotic milking systems to U.S. farmers. GEA's MIone multi-box robotic milking system employs one robotic arm to service up to five milking boxes, "providing the highest capacity for the investment cost," according to National Sales Manager Steve Pretz.

"The "MI" in MIone stands for "Milking Intelligence"," says Pretz. The MIone features 3D camera cow "seeing" technology. The camera simultaneously "sees" the teat cup and teat for precise attachment.

MULTI-BOX MILKER: GEA's MIone automatic milking system can include up to five milking stalls operating with one robotic arm.

Once teat cups are attached, cleaning, pre-dipping, drying, a milk quality check, stimulation, and milk harvest are executed in sequence within the teat cup. The single attachment process saves time and prevents system contamination.

"We are the first company to complete the Atlantic-Midwest Dairy Equipment Review Committee process on a robotic milking system," says Pretz.  The udder prep process is accepted AMDERC, and therefore by the Food and Drug Administration plus state inspectors, he adds.

 "Today's dairymen face heavy pressure to produce milk at the lowest possible cost per CWT – whether they milk robotically or conventionally," adds Pretz. "The milking procedures utilized with the MIone multi-box system most closely mirror the milking practices utilized on conventional operations.

The milking rack design allows for trouble-free manual attachment of teat cups when required, which is not possible on competitive robots, according to Pretz. The MIone also uses patented Stimopuls technology to optimize teat stimulation, enhancing milk let down.

Dairy design services from GEA Farm Technologies can customize a barn layout based on individual dairy requirements that focus on total cow management, whether the dairy desires free flow or milk-first, feed-second guided cow traffic.

The MIone is available through selected GEA Farm Technologies dealers. For more details on the multi-box robotic milking system, contact GEA Farm Technologies at1.877.973.2479.

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