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Mild March expected to round out winter across most of Indiana

Mild March expected to round out winter across most of Indiana
More mild weather on tap in March as spring approaches.

If you put stock in the long-range forecasts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, you would bet on another month of relatively mild weather extending through March in Indiana. That would continue the overall mild trend that has visited most of the state this winter.

MORE SNOW COMING? This could prove to be a rare sight during the rest of the winter if current predictions hold. Remember, there is a difference between ‘rare’ and ‘never!’

If the forecast holds accurate, as NOAA forecasts have proven relatively accurate going back to last fall, most of Indiana will experience higher than normal temperatures during the month of March. The northern portion of the state will experience the largest departure from normal, notes Ken Scheeringa, associate Indiana State Climatologist. The southern regions could remain closer to normal on temperature, he adds. 

Precipitation, on the other hand, is expected to be lower than normal statewide, Scheeringa says. Northeast Indiana could experience the largest departure from normal.

The northeast crop reporting district , based on 30-year climatological data, averages less precipitation for the month of March than any other district in Indiana (see table.) if predictions are right and you live there, you could see even less precipitation than normal this year in March.

With higher-than-normal temperatures expected over much of the state, what precipitation that does fall will likely be as rain. You can’t rule snow out, Scheeringa notes, but climatological winter ends Feb. 29. March snow amounts are typically minimal in most years anyway. 

If you want to go beyond this general forecast and find out more information on your own, try these 10 Websites.

This is the home page for the Indiana State Climate Office. It’s a great portal to move to other sites through ‘useful links.’

Use this location to track current snow totals on the most recent snow events.

You will find weather temperature and precipitation normal for any location in the U.S. here- and it is .com, not .org.

Here are where you can find long-term predictions going out 90 days for different 90-day periods. For example, the Jan. 31 prediction for May, June and July called for above-normal temperatures for most of Indiana, and below normal rainfall for northern and central Indiana. These predictions are updated frequently.

Get up-to-date road information across Indiana at this site.

Ever wonder where TV weather personalities get those chilling wind-chill predictions? You will find one easy-to-read chart at this site which makes you as knowledgeable as they are!

Learn about climate information and climate prediction at this site.

Easy-to-read maps show where it’s drier than normal in the U.S. As of Feb. 1, no areas within Indiana were in any stage of drought, according to the maps.

Find complete tables for sunrise and sunset times for the year here. It also addresses the same information for the moon.

Make this a favorite to follow crop progress and weather conditions statewide.

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