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Meat scientist has beef grilling tips for a perfect Memorial Day steak

Meat scientist has beef grilling tips for a perfect Memorial Day steak
Beef producers: Use these grilling tips to make your steak its best

For many, Memorial Day marks the beginning of the grilling season. And that means delicious steaks.

Because steak is one of the most popular items to grill, South Dakota State University this week offered a review of research conducted by former SDSU Meat Scientist Duane Wulf entitled “Great steaks from your Gas Grill.”

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Researchers at SDSU tested various grilling parameters to determine their effects on tenderness, juiciness and flavor of seven different beef cuts.

Beef producers: Use these grilling tips to make your steak its best

The following cuts were tested: ribeye, tenderloin, sirloin, flat iron, round tip center, boneless short rib and ranch cut. Results of this data shed light on many commonly held myths about grilling.

Grilling Myths vs. Facts

Myth: Steaks should only be flipped once during grilling.

Fact: Research found that steaks that were flipped every two to three minutes were juicier than steaks flipped only once

Myth: Steaks should be grilled on high heat for best enjoyment.

Fact: Research found that there was no difference in tenderness, juiciness or flavor between high and medium heat.

Myth: Grilling should be done with the lid closed.

Fact: No difference was detected between steaks grilled with the lid open or closed. However grilling time is significantly increased with the lid open.

Myth: It’s OK to throw frozen steaks on the grill.

Fact: Research found that steaks were more tender and flavorful if thawed completely before grilling.

Myth: Steaks should not be seasoned before grilling because it will draw out moisture.

Fact: Salt can be added before or after grilling with similar results. If using pepper or herbs, some of the flavors will be burned off during grilling, so greater amounts of these seasonings should be used if applied before grilling.

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Step-by Step Instructions

Results of this research led to the development of step-by-step grilling instructions that should result in a more enjoyable grilling experience this grilling season.

• Thaw steak completely before grilling
• Start grill, set controls to medium, and close lid
• Allow grill to warm for 5-10 minutes with lid closed
• Before grilling, pat the steak’s surface with paper towels to remove surface water
• Seasoning can be done before or after grilling (some spices such as peppers and herbs may burn off during grilling)
• Grill steak on medium heat with lid closed, turning every 2-3 minutes until desired internal temperature is reached.
• Let steak stand for 5-15 minutes before serving to redistribute juices.

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