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Maybe Farmers Can Pull Off Skinny Jean Fashion

Maybe Farmers Can Pull Off Skinny Jean Fashion
The public sees us in overalls, but what are farmers supposed to wear?

Laughing yet? I was when I got this message the other day:

"Jennifer you need to write an article about why farmers should not wear skinny pants. I was not expecting to see men at a farm show wearing them … maybe I am getting old and jaded."

"That could get me in all sorts of trouble and really earn the disclaimer at the bottom of my articles," I said.

Yet here I am writing about it and here you are reading it.

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How are farmers supposed to dress: I'm no fashion statement but I don't think the cows or the hogs care!

We, people in agriculture, laugh and get irritated that "the rest of the world' believes farmers wear overalls, plaid flannel shirts and perpetually have a piece of straw hanging from the corner of our mouths. We don't. Yet when we try to keep up with fashion trends we mock each other.

I don't own a pair of overalls, haven't since the early 90s. And then I only owned a pair all in the name of "fashion." You're still laughing, just now at me, right? They were Guess brand, and I would have never come close to wearing them in the hog barns. The last time I had a piece of straw hanging from the corner of my mouth was for my senior pictures in 1988, and looking back I question my sanity even then.

Yet, I am just as guilty, we shake our heads repeatedly at farm shows when someone is dressed differently than how we as farmers, perceive what is appropriate for farmers to wear – say that three times fast! Exactly what are farmers supposed to wear?

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To steal a line: I'm old and jaded. I don't think all farmers should be portrayed as wearing overalls, yet skinny jeans shouldn't be worn for two reasons:

1. Very few people actually look good in them

2. If you look good in them chances are I can't be your friend. It would just be a whole lot of jealousy issues.

But then of course this judgment is coming from someone who really doesn't own a pair of shoes without some trace of livestock manure on them, chooses to feed in her pajamas, considers free seed apparel somewhat fashionable, and considers a barn coat that doesn't smell too bad fit for town!

I don't write a fashion article for a reason, actually several reasons, obviously!

So I have to think live and let live and then let them wear what they want while they live, even if it's skinny jeans at a farm show.

The opinions of Jennifer Campbell are not necessarily those of Indiana Prairie Farmer or the Penton Farm Progress Group.

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