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Master Farmer Countdown Continues

Master Farmer Countdown Continues

Here's the third in a series naming past winners and urging new nominations.

If you act today there's still time to nominate someone for the Master Farmer award. It's co-sponsored by Indiana Prairie Farmer and the Purdue University College of Agriculture. Former Purdue Ag Dean Randy Woodson and the current Dean, Jay Akridge are huge supporters of the program.

Akridge likes it because it recognizes the best of the best in agriculture, and gives Purdue a chance to help say thank you for all farm families do for Indiana. While it's an individual award, usually there is a strong family behind the award winner or winners.

Still active: Merrill Kelsay, Whiteland, shown here explaining the effects of the drought to TV reporters, is still an active member of his family dairy operation and a former Master Farmer.

Nominations must come from someone who believes a neighbor or relative needs to be honored. You can fill out the form and find six people to write letters of support, or find someone to do it with or for you. Extension educators stand ready to help. Akridge and Jim Mintert, acting Extension Director, have encouraged them to participate in the program.

Many people want to know who past winners are. In this third in a series, here are the winners from 1986 through 1994.

For 1986: Fred O. Mann, Joe P. Rund, Robert Stickles, Charles F. Walker

For 1987: Leroy Brammer, William T. Crane (deceased), Robert Foltz, Bill and Kaye Whitehead

For 1988: Harry F. Armstrong (deceased), Robert Ward Johnson (deceased), Carl Martin, Larry J. Pumphrey

For 1989: Homer C. McDonald, Steven L. Sickafoose, Wayne Townsend, J. Olen Yoder

For 1990: Tom Boyd, Merrill Kelsay, James Moseley, William Pickart

For 1991: Dave and Ron Johnson, Paul Keffaber (deceased), Wally Linneweber, Larry Stoy

For 1992: Raymond Becher Alan Kemper, Howard Unger, Fred and Linda Wise

For 1993: Gene Brune, Wayne McCutchan, James Pettigrew, Jerry Rulon

For 1994: Scott Fritz, Don Jones, George Likens, Herbert Likens, Bob Mills

If you recognize the name of someone and know they are deceased, please let us know so we can update our files. Email with your changes. Nominations for 2013 must be postmarked by Feb. 15, 2013.

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