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Make Your Business Life More Productive

Make Your Business Life More Productive

A few simple steps will have you managing more efficiently in 2012…and beyond.

Here are some simple ways to get more done in your business life:

Prioritize. Download our Things to do today document. Write down the activities that you need to take care of today and prioritize them A, B and C. Handle A priorities first. Give yourself a target date and box for ‘completed.’

E-mail like a pro. Limit checking e-mail to one or two times a day; otherwise it becomes a distraction. Sort incoming mail by subject or author to group related messages and help you prioritize. In his book, Time!, David Cottrell, CEO of Cornerstone Leadership Institute,  recommends you act on each message immediately after sorting. Either respond, file for future reference, or delete. Set your program to filter out emails that are known spam or simply unwanted messages.  When you send an e-mail be brief, clear and simple. And remember, anything you write in an e-mail can come back to haunt you. Always be discreet.

Manage paperwork. The most important tip is to keep it moving. Make a decision on every piece of paper you handle: move it to a read file, an archive file for historical reference or to your outbox for someone else. Or toss it in the trash. “Remember, the wastebasket is your friend,” says Cottrell. If you like to write notes, keep them all in one place. Many smart phones can now handle scheduling and all the little ideas you come up with and, well, practically anything you can think of.

Run meetings efficiently. Provide everyone a time, place and agenda. Put the most important items first on the agenda. Allow everyone to make their points, but do not allow others to dominate the meeting. Take notes or make sure someone else is taking them.  Before you conclude the meeting, be sure everyone understands what they must do next.

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