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Major Seed Company Makes Name Change

Major Seed Company Makes Name Change
Pioneer has plenty of ties to Indiana.

Anyone who follows the seed industry closely already knew that Pioneer Hi-Bred International was owned by DuPont. Going forward, DuPont wants to make sure everyone knows it, reports Jerry Harrington, sales and marketing public relations manager for Pioneer.

Since July 1, the business officially became DuPont Pioneer. When you see a reference to the company in a headline or on first reference in print or hereon the Web in a Farm Progress or Indiana Prairie Farmer  story, it will be worded DuPont Pioneer. On second reference in the same story, it will be just Pioneer.

Major Seed Company Makes Name Change

Pioneer is active at selling seed with its own dealer network in Indiana. In addition, Pioneer owns Seed Consultants, Inc., Washington Courthouse, Ohio, which also does business in Indiana. Pioneer also has an agreement with Beck's Hybrids, Atlanta, to sell Excel hybrids. Pioneer genetics are in the bag, and it carries distinct marking from any Beck's Hybrids packaging.

In a prepared statement, Harrington says that the name change was made to reflect a joint mission between the companies to find solutions to ensure that the world's growing population has enough food. It also signifies that DuPont is extending its efforts into agriculture and food, he adds.

Behind the scenes Harrington says there will be even closer ties between the parent company and Pioneer as they pursue this joint commitment to produce quality food. It was another reason for the name change.

At the same time, Harrington assures farmers that nothing has changed in Pioneer's commitment to provide the best products, services and information to farmers. The Pioneer brand is more than 85 years old.

Not all companies that once concentrated on chemicals have taken the same tact when moving into the seed and food business. I've personally attended a Stewart Seeds meeting in the past couple of years where Monsanto was not mentioned once, even though Monsanto owns the Stewart Seeds brand. Monsanto purchased the company several years ago, but did not purchase physical assets other than trucks and equipment used by salesmen. The land and seed plant remains in the hands of the Stewart family, who still grow hybrid seed as S & G Seeds.

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