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Local Food Takes a Turn With #AskUSDA

Local Food Takes a Turn With #AskUSDA
USDA Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan takes questions on local food using the #AskUSDA Twitter tag.

As the USDA moves toward increasing participation with the public through "virtual office hours," Twitter has become an effective tool for outreach and education. This month, Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan took her turn answering questions about local food systems, school lunches, nutrition programs and more.

Questions and answers have not been edited. Answers directly from Deputy Secretary Merrigan are tagged with "Merrigan." Follow the links embedded in the answers to learn more about USDA local food, nutrition and Farmer's Market programs.

Q1 RT @businessforfood: Please say more about your comment at #WHHangout "go mobile, go mobile, go mobile." Where, how, with what? #AskUSDA

USDA Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan takes questions on local food using the #AskUSDA Twitter tag.

A1 Merrigan: Mobile farm markets, slaughterhouses, trucks etc help make more healthy food avail. Eg: &...

Q2 RT @JeanTerranova #askUSDA - how can local schools comply w/ nutrition guidelines w/o additional financial assistance from the US Govt.?

A2 Merrigan: #HHFKA does provide $.06 more per meal for meeting standards. #AskUSDA

Q3 frm Ed Garrett of FreshSpinFarm: What's USDA plan for ed + training for new frmrs, often from urban roots, 2 innovate in field? #AskUSDA

A3. DS Merrigan: Need more farmers! especially young ones! & can get new farmers started. #AskUSDA

Q4: RT @HughesWard7: Does Sec Merrigan support Backyard & Urban Chickens (hens)?

A4. Merrigan: Backyard chickens currently local issue. If you keep them, keep them healthy. Here are tips

A4: (Part 2): SARE "Backyard Birds" is a good piece too, Need to educate, public health depts. #AskUSDA

#AskUSDA suggestion - #KYF2 should include info about #coops. When you buy from a farmer co-op, you're buying from the farmers who own it.

A5. DS Merrigan: Check out RD Coop magazine Also in the infrastructure of #KYF2 compass:

Q6 @Chris_B_Leone #KYF2 what is biggest obstacle to getting local food into public schools nearby, health, jobs and community #askusda

A6: DS Merrigan: #Local passion conquers all, but $ helps too! Grant info:

Q6: correct link for #farm2school grants this. Use your passion too! #askusda

Q7 MT @businessforfood: What #data does USDA use for price points? Stereotype persists local-fresh more $$. Studies differ. #AskUSDA

A7: Merrigan: [email protected]_ERS does research on comparative & competitive local food pricing. & #AskUSDA

Q8: @imSparkie @USDA Are there any plans to get local food into colleges/universities? #KYF2 #askusda

A8 Merrigan: Many are already doing it, farm 2 college is growing: #AskUSDA


Q9 MT @CFcraftbutchery: keep #foodsafety but not burden small meat processors? Regional slaughter key to #localfood #AskUSDA @RealSheree

A9 Merrigan: #localmeat producers can call #USDA Small Plant Help Desk 1877 FSIS HELP w Qs about regs & rules: #AskUSDA

Q10 RT @SPKrikava: Can't find locally grown oranges in MN. But if you buy from a co-op @Sunkist you're buying frm farmer. #AskUSDA

A10: Merrigan: New ARS plant hardiness zone map informs local: #AskUSDA

Q 11:@The1ChefMike what BtoB programs does the USDA provide to assist with connecting farmers to buinesses if any #askusda

A11: Merrigan: B&I, VAPG, & other RBS programs help. Use #KYF2 compass to get good illustrations and examples. #AskUSDA

Q12 RT @GncCorp #askUSDA Examples where a rural (ie. pop under 50,000) area with a depressed economy makes locally grown food affordable...

A12. (1/2) See Muckleshoot. Terrific work, feat in last week's @whitehouse Google+ Hangout: #AskUSDA #KYF2

A12 (2/2): #farmersmarkets one way to increase healthy food. At end of '11, 2400+ farmers markets took EBT. USDA investing $4M to equip more

Q13. RT @JeanTerranova: What can we do to (a) protect SNAP; (b) help farmers thru the drought; and (c) scale local foods systems? #AskUSDA

A13. Merrigan: Local + drought, all farmers struggling during #drought. Time to support them

Q14 RT @realfoodnow: What do you think the role of universities should be in supporting local food economies? #ASKUSDA #KYF2

A14: Merrigan: Lots of universities offering courses on #local economies & #foodsystems. Here's 1 resource list

Q15 RT @LSRebhan: If @USDA recommends fruits & veg as 1/2 our plates, why does < 1% of food subsidies go to frmrs who grow produce? #AskUSDA

A15: Merrigan: Check out specialty crop blog grants on compass. Lots of good news. #AskUSDA #KYF2

A15: We meant block not blog. But read our blog

Q16 MT Chris_B_Leone: 1 reason Y local produce not reaching school plates: workers lack knife/cooking skills 4 unprocessed food.

A16: Merrigan: True, sometimes answers can be simple. Equipment needed too, Community Facilities program has $ #AskUSDA

Merrigan: Bye for now. Need to carry on convo about where food comes from and who produced it. Thanks for the chat. #AskUSDA #kyf2

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