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Lieutenant Governor Gets Great Send-Off at Indiana State Fair

Lieutenant Governor Gets Great Send-Off at Indiana State Fair
Office staff of ISDA pitch in for special gift for the lieutenant governor.

The Lt. Gov. and Secretary of Agriculture, Becky Skillman, will see her term expire along with Gov. Mitch Daniels' second term early next year.

"The governor and I have been comparing notes," says Skillman. "We will see this is our last time to do this, or last time to do that. Many of these events have been things we do annually at the state fair."

Skillman says people introduce her and say it's her last time at the Indiana State Fair.

SPECIAL MOMENT: ISDA's Joe Kelsay presents a gift from the ISDA staff to Becky Skillman.

"I have to correct them and say it may be my last time as lieutenant governor, but I'll be back to the fair next year if at all possible. I've been going to the state fair since I was in 4-H as a youngster. I'm certainly not ready to quit enjoying the fair," Skillman says.

It's customary for the crowd to stand and for the emcee to give special recognition to the person being introduced when he or she is going out of office. That happened several times during the fair for Skillman, but being there and seeing it, I sensed that people did it because they truly respect what she has done for agriculture, and not because they felt compelled to rank of the office.

In fact, the growing staff of the Indiana State Department Agriculture chipped in to buy her a piece of jewelry. Joe Kelsay, Whiteland, director of ISDA, presented it to her during celebration ceremonies in the Normandy Barn on Farmers Day during the fair.

In return, Skillman took the microphone and complimented the entire staff of ISDA for all their help and wise advice during her terms. Kelsay was just one of many who said that Lt. Gov. Skillman had truly helped move agriculture forward, and helped it claim recognition as an important part of the Indiana economy.

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