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Let's Talk Ag Today

Let's Talk Ag Today
Are you a social media bug? Do you Tweet?

The New Year is here, so how about trying something new?!

Where do you get your information (besides Indiana Prairie Farmer of course)? Do you interact on social media? It has truly become one of my favorite ways to communicate and get my news.

I actually say I am addicted to social media – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  And I will admit I am a lurker on NewAgTalk, not to be confused with a troll!

Social Media in Agriculture: Have you ventured into the huge world of social media? A great place to "meet" others with a love for agriculture, learn new things and get a different perspective.

Yes, in the world of social media these are actual terms. So, what is a lurker you ask? According to the Urban Dictionary, it's someone who follows a forum but doesn't post.  A troll, however, is someone who gets pleasure by typing annoying, controversial and/or offensive words to strangers on internet forums.

A lurker pretty much sums me up. I did post once about a heifer I worried about due to a bony bump in her pelvis that could cause calving problems.  I fretted and posted and searched and lurked only to have that heifer practically spit the calf out when she sneezed – (author's right to exaggerate the story!)

Each social media platform is somewhat different, at least that is what I tell myself so can spend time keeping up with all of them.

For me, Facebook is about people I know, keeping in touch with friends and family I don't see often. Twitter – by far my favorite right now – is all about agriculture. I would estimate that 99% of the people I follow spend day in and day out immersed in production ag, a choice I made when I started Twitter. Finally, my Instagram account allows me to tell my story in pictures (my favorite way to tell it).

I have "met" so many amazing people as through social media.  If it is something you haven't ventured into yet I highly encourage you to give it a try this year. Look me up, my handle is @plowwife on Twitter.

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