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Learn About Early Season Pest on Plant Network Webcasts

Learn About Early Season Pest on Plant Network Webcasts
Slug management and early season weed management featured in latest programs.

If you haven't found the resources available at the Plant Management Network, now would be a good time. This month, the network is focusing on early season pest and wed problems that could affect corn.

Find the 'Focus on Corn' presentations at Plant Management Network is a non profit group that works with as many as 80 other organizations to provide updated information for farmers.

Bad start: This corn still yielded OK, but the applicator got lucky with an on-target application. The next year the application didn't work as well and yields suffered more. Mark Loux says control weeds earlier.

Right now the two feature Webcasts on the network could benefit you if you have trouble getting corn established and weeds controlled in the wet season that is unfolding. It is supposed to be a warmer than normal season, but so far that part of the forecast has been slow to materialize. Whether it turns warmer and stays there will determine some of the pest activity that you might expect.

Slugs could be a problem in this type of season. They were a problem on soybeans last year in certain areas. Slug Management on Corn features Ron Hammond of Ohio State University. It is designed to help you recognize and manage slug problems in corn, especially if you're no-tilling corn. These conditions are more conducive to slugs than conventional tillage. The webcast about this topic will be up and available for access on the Plant Management Network site through July 31.

Meanwhile, the importance of Early Season Weed Management in Corn will feature Mark Loux, also of Ohio State University. It will be available on the Website through June 30.

The focus in this presentation is to help growers put together strategies that will help control weeds early in the season. Many weed specialists have suggested that farmers who let grasses and other weeds grow in their crop before taking them out with postemergence herbicides are sacrificing more yield than they might realize. Residual herbicide control is also an important component of strategies designed to prolong or put off herbicide resistance.

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