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Keeping Up With #Harvest14 via Social Media and Hashtags

Keeping Up With #Harvest14 via Social Media and Hashtags
Tweeting from the tractor seat is one of my favorite things.

I love social media! Some, including my husband and children, might say I am slightly addicted to it. But it keeps me connected with real people in an industry that I love.

There are several hashtags that I follow regularly throughout the year: #realpigfarming, #agchat and #farmsmatter. These are three of my favorites that I like to click on and scroll through, but during harvest the fastest and best way to stay connected is #harvest14.

Not familiar with hashtags? A hashtag is a word or un-spaced phrase that has the number sign (#) at the beginning. Words or phrases on social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter may be tagged by entering "#" before them.

Tweets from the tractor seat: Lots of great hashtags out there but you won't want to miss #harvest14! Also take a gander at #corycorn!

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Hashtags help to group messages together. When searching a particular social media site by a hashtag, all messages containing that hashtag and word or phrase will be grouped together and displayed.

Some people hate hashtags, but I am very fond of them. One of the best things about them is the number of new people that you can connect with. It is an easy way to see who else is talking about the same things you are, such as harvest.

Some of my #harvest14 "Tweets from the Tractor Seat":

"I can only back straight looking over my right shoulder-auger on left side!"

"Running beans on this beautiful fall day!"

"I should move to Nashville pretty sure I am the best singer ever when I am alone in a tractor!"

"Rain missed us, sun out, back to cutting beans!"

"Give me the corn head any day, get nervous moving the bean head!"

"I could write a book titled Adventures of a Grain Cart Operator"

"Every day the 11-year-old shows up after school to steal my grain cart job!"

"No matter how many times I do it, sitting at a stoplight in a tractor always feels weird"

"Tweets From The Tractor Seat – I think I am hysterical after all day in a tractor cab by myself"

The opinions of Jennifer Campbell are not necessarily those of Indiana Prairie Farmer or the Penton Farm Progress Group.

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