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Iowa Corn Growers Association Announces Corn PAC Awards

Iowa Corn Growers Association Announces Corn PAC Awards

For governor, ICGA's political action committee endorses both the Republican challenger Terry Branstad and the current governor, Chet Culver, a Democrat.

The Iowa Corn Growers Association Political Action Committee (ICGA PAC) announced September 1 that it has endorsed 66 candidates for the November 2010 elections, including 57 candidates for the Iowa State Senate and the Iowa House of Representatives. The ICGA PAC established bipartisan support for Democrats and Republicans for the 2010 state and federal political races, including 33 Democrats and 33 Republicans.

"Political decisions here in Iowa are critical to the future of farming," says Bruce Rohwer, chairman of the PAC. "PAC support is one tool we can use to help elect people who have supported corn growers' policies and who have taken action on issues that matter to corn growers."

ICGA PAC decisions are made through an objective analysis including candidate responses to ICGA's survey, voting records, letters and other quantified evidence of support, he says. The ICGA PAC committee members include farmers from across Iowa, with an equal balance of party affiliation to ensure decisions are based only on corn growers' policies.

Endorsements for the 2010 federal election cycle include:

  • U.S. Senator Grassley (R)
  • Congressman Boswell (D)
  • Congressman Braley (D)
  • Congressman King (R)
  • Congressman Latham (R)
  • Congressman Loebsack (D)

Corn growers are supporting both candidates for governor

The Iowa Corn Growers Political Action Committee has endorsed both Terry Branstad (R) and Chet Culver (D) for the 2010 State of Iowa Governor's Race. The Iowa Corn Growers PAC is also endorsing Bill Northey (R) for the 2010 Iowa Secretary of Agriculture race.

In the races for seats in the Iowa Legislature, the Iowa Corn PAC has endorsed 57 candidates for the Iowa State Senate and the Iowa House of Representatives for the 2010 election cycle.

For Iowa Senate: Staci Appel (D), Daryl Beall (D), Dennis Black (D), Nancy Boettger (R), Bill Dix (R), Bill Dotzler (D), Robert Dvorsky (D), Sandy Greiner (R), Bill Heckroth (D), Hubert Houser (R), David Johnson (R), Keith Kreiman (D), Larry Noble (R), Rich Olive (D), Amanda Ragan (D), Becky Schmitz (D), and Joe Seng (D).   

For Iowa House of Representatives: Dwayne Alons (R), Richard Arnold (R), McKinley Bailey (D), Clel Baudler (R), John Beard (D), Dennis Cohoon (D), Betty De Boef (R), Dave Deyoe (R), Cecil Dolecheck (R), Jack Drake (R), David Heaton (R), Erik Helland (R), Daniel Huseman (R), Jeff Kaufmann (R), Bob Kressig (D), Steven Lukan (R), Jim Lykam (D), Larry Marek (D), Kevin McCarthy (D), Helen Miller (D), Patrick Murphy (D), Donovan Olson (D), Steven Olson (R), Eric Palmer (D), Kraig Paulsen (R), Henry Rayhons (R), Michael Reasoner (D), Nathan Reichert (D), Thomas Sands (R), Paul Shomshor (D), Sharon Steckman (D), Kurt Swaim (D), Annette Sweeney (R), Linda Upmeyer (R), Jim Van Engelenhoven (R), Ralph Watts (R), Andrew Wenthe (D), Matt Windschitl (R), Gary Worthan (R), and Ray Zirkelbach (D).

Iowa Corn Growers Association PAC decisions are made by a bipartisan committee of Iowa Corn Growers Association members after the candidates are evaluated for their support of Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA) policies, including such topics as the farm bill, ethanol, livestock support and transportation. Funding for the ICGA PAC comes from voluntary donations by ICGA members. ICGA dues money are not used for PAC contributions.

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