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Insure Farm Nursery Crops Before May 1

Insure Farm Nursery Crops Before May 1
Farm nursery growers must sign up for federal crop insurance of these high-value crops before May 1.

Most Northeast and Mid-Atlantic nursery crop growers want to protect their investments from adverse weather conditions, wildlife damage and unstable markets. USDA's Risk Management Agency officials urge signing up for insurance for a full year of insurance coverage by May 1.

“Crop Insurance is an essential risk management tool that keeps farmers farming, through good times and bad,” adds Pennsylvania Ag Secretary George Greig. “I encourage nursery growers to talk to an agent about how crop insurance can benefit their operation before the deadline.”

Insure Farm Nursery Crops Before May 1

Protection is available for nurseries that earn at least 50% of gross income from wholesale marketing of nursery plants grown in standard nursery containers or in the field. Note: Enrollment is year-round with a 30-day waiting period before a policy takes effect.

What nursery crops qualify?
Nursery crop insurance is available in all states to persons operating nurseries and who grow and market nursery plants. You qualify for nursery crop insurance if you grow nursery plants that meet these requirements:

•On the Eligible Plant List on RMA’s Web site
•Are grown in a county for which a premium rate is provided in the actuarial documents;
•Are irrigated, unless otherwise provided by the special insurance provisions;
•Are grown in accordance with the production practices for which premium rates are established;
•Are grown in an appropriate medium;
•Are not grown for sale as Christmas trees;
•Are not stock plants or plants being grown solely for the harvest of buds, flowers or greenery;
•May produce edible fruits or nuts, provided the plants are made available for sale (Harvest of the edible fruit or nuts doesn't affect insurability.); and
•Are not produced in nursery containers containing two or more different genera, species, subspecies, varieties or cultivars.

Contact a crop insurance agent before May 1 to purchase insurance for the entire year. Previous policies are automatically renewed unless canceled by May 31. A list of agents is available at

For more information, call 717-705-9511 or visit and search “crop insurance.”
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