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Innovative Farmer Accomplishes Two Jobs at Once

Innovative Farmer Accomplishes Two Jobs at Once
Farmer hooks chisel plow to grain cart to chisel during cart's down time.

Necessity is the mother of invention. So is the desire to get more bang for your buck.

Calvin Standley, Princeton, Ill., noticed that helpers on one of his two grain carts were sitting still about half the time. He also realized that sending a part-time helper several miles away to chisel plow sometimes meant shutting down the combine to go get him running again if he broke down. He also thought about the $1,000 in fuel he burned through a four-wheel drive tractor pulling the chisel plow every day.

Standley thought there must be a better way.

New concept: Beth Standley chiseled at the same time she followed her husband to catch grain in the grain cart.

His solution was a chisel plow attached to the rear of the grain cart. He applied for a patent for the concept, and McHenry, a local machine shop, built the attachments so he could pull and operate the disc chisel behind the cart.

Standley used a Case IH 530 Chisel Disc tool in his prototype last fall. They pulled it in the field with an MX270 Case IH tractor with mechanical front-wheel drive and 270 horsepower. The disc chisel behind the cart was lifted and lowered by hydraulics.

The machine shop made a bridge system to attach the chisel to the rear of the cart. It took more than six months of welding to come up with the prototype.

Standley's wife, Beth, operated the cart with the chisel most of the time. She would follow the combine and chisel as Calvin unloaded grain into the cart. Since one cart didn't have a chisel plow, she would typically go back and fill in the gaps while she was waiting for her turn to catch the combine.

"She only had a couple fields where we weren't through chiseling when the combine left the field," Calvin says. "Beth would get an early start in the morning while I was greasing the combine.

"What we found is that the chisel plow pulls easier than when pulled behind the tractor because the big grain cart tires are pulling it. They are larger wheels than the tractor tires."

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