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Indianapolis bloggers visit a dairy farm

Indianapolis bloggers visit a dairy farm
Visits to ag facilities opens up dialogue with city bloggers

Indianapolis bloggers were able to get a "dairy" good look at where their milk comes from this summer in Fort Wayne.

Indiana Family of Farmers invited non-ag bloggers to Kuehnert Dairy farm and Prairie Farms dairy to learn about milk production and processing. The bloggers loaded up on a bus and took a trip to Fort Wayne to see the process that goes on behind the gallon of milk they purchase for their families at the grocery store.

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City comes to the country: A group of Indianapolis bloggers, many of them urban moms, visited a dairy farm and the dairy processing plant.

The trip started at Prairie Farms, where bloggers put on lab coats and hairnets and watched the process of the milk jugs being made to the milk being pasteurized to how sour cream was made. Many bloggers were surprised to learn that the milk brought in from the farm was taken to the grocery store the same day.

Crystal Paschal, from the blog "Mom for Less," was surprised at the cleanliness of the processing plant.

"It was as clean as any hospital I've been in!" she said. "It seemed like every piece of machinery not in use was being washed down.

"Seeing the great lengths they go to keep their facility clean and safe increased my confidence in the milk I buy at the grocery store."

The next stop was Kuehnert Dairy, where robots run their milking. The bloggers were served lunch, which included all dairy products, near a window where they could see each cow being milked.

They then walked through the free stall barn to see the cows and ask any questions they had to Sarah Kuehnert, who works and lives on the farm. Kuehnert believes people are always intrigued with the technological advancements on the farm. 

"Visitors like to see and learn how we care for the cows and our sustainability practices," she said.

Bloggers were able to experience milking a cow by hand and see the new calves on the farm. They also met Sarah's husband, Nathan, and interviewed him about day-to-day farm activities. 

"Every farmer I've interacted with has been more than happy to answer my questions, and they take pride in the quality and the safety of their products," said Paschal.

"Dairy farmers care very deeply about providing the best milk possible to America's families, and they truly do all they can to make sure they are providing a safe and healthy product."

Taylor is a senior in Purdue University ag communications

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