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Indiana Youth Exhibit Champion Swine, Sheep at State Fair

Indiana Youth Exhibit Champion Swine, Sheep at State Fair
Winners were announced in the youth sheep and swine shows at the 2012 Indiana State Fair this week.

Swine Champion Results

The colorful judge from Oklahoma, spouting terms like 'wild beast' and 'manchild' to describe the animals, couldn't say enough good things about the powerful crossbred barrow that became Grand Champion barrow of the Indiana State Fair. He was shown by Evan Gilliland, LaGrange County. The black and white barrow with his head held high looked like exemplified the ideal show barrow.

Touting the crossbred drive as being very competitive, the judge went back to the crossbreds to pick the Reserve Grand Champion at the 2012 Indiana State Fair. It was exhibited by Blake Danner of White County.

Winners were announced in the youth sheep and swine shows at the 2012 Indiana State Fair this week.

An honor group which will also sell in the Sale of Champions Saturday night was named. Included were the Hampshire barrow, shown by Holly Hopkins, Parke County, the Duroc shown by Becca Oliver, Allen County, the Yorkshire, exhibited by Cameron Bennington of White County, and the Spot barrow, shown by Avery Jones Taylor of Gibson County.

The judge who worked the gilt show judge also selected overall winners from his group of champions. The judge selected the Duroc shown by Alida Jackson, Hendricks County, as Grand Champion; He followed with the Yorkshire gilt, shown by Taylor Sabasky of Noble County.

In third and in the honor group was the crossbred gilt, belonging to Callie Lemper of Noble County. Fourth place went to Spencer Malcolm of Allen County, showing a Spot gilt. For fifth the judge jumped back to the Duroc breed, and selected the reserve champion Duroc shown by Zach Wamsley. The final gilt selected for the honor group at the 2012 Indiana State Fair went to Aidan Raab of Huntington County, showing a Berkshire gilt.

Sheep Champion Results

The sheep took their turn in this week during the Grand 4-H Drive in the Coliseum at the Indiana State Fair. The fair recognizes 17 breeds of sheep for show, and all 17 were represented by both Champions and Reserve Champions before a large audience in the coliseum.

Each Reserve Champion and its owner was introduced, followed by introduction of each breed Champion and its owner. The audience was acquainted with each exhibitors' 4-H projects and hobbies.

Justin Willoughby of Hamilton County took home the Grand Champion Market Wether award with his black face wether. Instead of designating it as a crossbred, it's called a black face market lamb because there is also a white face market lamb division, represented by its own Champion and Reserve Champion awards.

Taking Reserve Grand Champion was the Reserve Champion Black Face market lamb. It was shown by Alexandria Raute, also of Hamilton County. Samantha Raute of Hamilton County was named to the honor group next with a Hampshire wether.

Since Alexandria Raute had already been named to the Grand drive, her Suffolk was pulled from the ring and replaced by Eryn Schinmeckler of Whitley County. She was named to the honor group in the fourth position, and will sell in the Sale of Champions scheduled for Saturday evening at the Coliseum.

Fifth place went to Sammi Brewsaugh from Decatur County, showing a natural color breed wether. The same switch occurred since Brewsaugh also had the Champion Shropshire. The Reserve Champion Shropshire of Evan McClain in Delaware County was pulled into the ring, and tapped for the sixth and final spot in the honor group and Sale of Champions.

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