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Indiana Farm Kid Ready to Make College Adjustments

Indiana Farm Kid Ready to Make College Adjustments
Moving away is never easy, but going from farm life to college life can be a culture shock.

While moving to college is an adjustment for all kids, I often wonder if farm kids don't have a little more culture shock happening. My oldest may have been one of 413 kids in her graduating class in a school corporation of 4,494 students in a town of 23,953, but we live in the country on a farm.

I asked her what she thought her biggest adjustments will be and here is her list:

1. City water: "Mom I will have to drink city water 24/7, do you think I could take one of those filters we use at cattle shows?"

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2. Ruby the dog: Most mornings I find Ruby in her bed and while I have offered to send the dog I am pretty sure that would be frowned upon!

Heading to college: My oldest, Casey, is off on a new adventure and while I like to think the tears I am and will be crying are pride and excitement, I fully admit some will be sadness at her being so far away and growing up.

3. People vs. Cows: While she loves people she gains her energy from quiet time in the barn talking to the cows or just listening to them eat. Without the cow that you have had since 4th grade, it might get rough sometimes.

4. Late night rides with Dad: One of her favorite things to do is late night hauls with Chris. Whether grain or hogs, if he is hauling at night she is his co-pilot.

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5. The hogs: While she admits she won't miss Friday night family fun weaning pigs, she will miss walking through the hog barns searching out the runts to take selfies with.

I am assuming that things like being away from family, my home cooking and being able to walk back to her grandparents whenever she wants is just a given! I think one thing she is most excited about is having a microwave in the same room as her bed – she is a lover of EasyMac!

Iowa State is amazing and has welcomed her with open arms. We couldn't be more excited or proud of her. But I hope our Indiana farm girl will always know where home is and bet she misses it just a tad!

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The opinions of Jennifer Campbell are not necessarily those of Indiana Prairie Farmer or the Penton Farm Progress Group.

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