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Indiana Ethanol Plant Supports Raising Ethanol Percentage

Ethanol producers hoping for raise in allowable percentage to 15%.

Now is your chance to let the Environmental Protection Agency hear what you have to say about increasing the ethanol percentage allowed in regular gasoline from 10 to 15% A public comment period is underway, and continues through May 22, 2009. What it means is that you at least have a chance to register your ways on the subject, ethanol supporters say.

Back in early March, POET Biorefining, Alexandria, Growth Energy and several other ethanol manufacturers across the country requested that EPA increase ethanol blend levels from 10 to 15%. The public comment period now underway was initiated by EPA as a part of their standard review process for such a request, according to Dave Hudak, general manager of Poet Biorefining at Alexandria. POET is a large corporation with several ethanol plants scattered across the Midwest.

Comments can be emailed, submitted online, faxed or mailed, Hudak notes. Here are the details. No matter how you do it, however, if you want your comments to be considered, you must include the official identification number for this request. It's Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2009-0211. Also include your name and contact information.

To submit comments by email, send them to: [email protected] Or you can do it on the Internet immediately if you go to: If you're still into stamps and mail, send two copies of your comments to: Air and Radiation Docket, Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2009-0211, Environmental Protection Agency, Mailcode: 6102T, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20460. Yet one more option is to fax comments to: 202-566-1741. Once again, don't forget to include docket ID numbers and your contact information.

"We're engaged in a fight for energy independence," Hudak says. "This waiver will help us win the fight in the long run, but we need your support now." He addressed his comments primarily to corn producers who have a vested interest in seeing the demand for ethanol increase beyond its current level.

"Please contact me directly if you need any assistance with submitting your comments," Hudak adds. "All of us at POET Biorefining appreciate and thank you for your support on this vital issue."

Seed companies, including Beck's Hybrids, Atlanta, Ind., are helping inform customers about the opportunity to submit comments on this issue. The door for making comments for the EPA to consider closes on or after May 22.

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