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Indiana Company Breaks Own Record For Building Sprayers

Indiana Company Breaks Own Record For Building Sprayers
Are self-propelled sprayers becoming more popular? You decide.

Equipment Technologies, a Mooresville Company, announced that it set a record recently for building the most sprayers at its facility it has ever built in one month. The production crews turned out 70 sprayers in a one-month period. The previous record was 69 Apache sprayers produced in a one-month period.

Matt Hays, CEO of the company, says it's a testament to the workforce to be able to build that many sprayers in a one-month period from the ground up. They produce the sprayers in a 168,000 square foot facility between Mooresville and Martinsville in Morgan County.

Record-setting month: Equipment Technologies recently sent a record for building more Apache sprayers in one month than ever before, including this new model for 2013.

It's also a testament to the work of the entire team throughout the country, creating demand for that many units, Hays continues. Equipment Technologies markets self-propelled Apache sprayers in North America, Australia and the Ukraine.

The company also opened a special center earlier this year on a nearby property to gain space for the manufacturing facility, by moving some functions, including parts, to the new facility,. The new building also includes rooms and modern technology for efficient training of dealers and farmers on the new advancements and how to operate and make best use of Apache sprayers. This sprayer uses mechanical drive.

The record month raises questions about whether self-propelled sprayer sales are up in general. This anecdotal observation would also make one wonder. Driving through Illinois on Interstates recently, a number of trucks carrying John Deere self-propelled sprayers were heading out from where sprayers are made to various locations. It wasn't just a couple – it was a steady stream of sprayers, and few trucks carrying any other kind of farm equipment, that kept moving on the interstate all day long.

Meanwhile, Equipment Technologies is producing a couple new models for 2013. The company offers all the electronic options anybody else does on a sprayer. Equipment Technologies is the largest

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